Vedic astrology and career

notebook_pen_grass_herbs_54705_602x339Regardless of your profession, there was certainly a time when you wondered what your true calling was.  Perhaps this question still lingers in your mind.  People seek answers for what to do and then whether they can make a sustainable living following a certain career path. Multiple career changes often ensue, trying to find the right fit.  Yet, what did humans turn to thousands of years ago to align with their true calling?  One indispensable tool was astrology.  Vedic astrology or Jyotish, is one of the world’s oldest forms of astrology. It originated in India over 5,000 years ago. It is still practiced to this day, using the same systems of introspection and analysis. Vedic astrology and career choice can be analogous to finding the perfect pair of shoes.  It just fits and the makes the journey a lot easier!

In Jyotish, we study four aims in life (purusharthas): dharma, artha, kama, and moksha. Of these four aims or pillars, dharma is righteous action or doing our duty in life.  Some of these duties are universal, such as being an upstanding citizen, being a dutiful child /sibling/ parent/ etc.  There are also the dharmic qualities of honesty, generosity, kindness, and the like.

button_help_keyboard_close-up_80023_300x188Then there is the more personal karmic destiny pattern for us.  How are we supposed to play out our dharma both professionally and socially?  Astrological guidance can help match our innate skills to a profession or trade through which to unfold our dharma. By using Vedic astrology and career choice analysis, the trained astrologer, or Jyotishi, can see the karmic patterns for an individual and what they indicate.

Does the person tend towards an entrepreneurial career or are they best suited to a salaried position?  In which fields would this individual excel?  Does the career requires an undergraduate degree, or graduate degree?  Or is this a skill learned as a trade?

If education is involved, what periods are better for study?  We can also use astro-cartography to look at various geographic regions and determine the best locations to pursue an education or to find employment.

2156220-bigthumbnailAnother of the four pillars of life is artha, or security. What do we primarily connote with security?  Money and even a residence.  Our primary source of money is via our career. When we look at Vedic astrology and career, we can also see high times for career (i.e. promotions) and periods of career transition. For some, wealth can come via family, partnership, or investments.  The Vedic chart highlights sources of income as well as times of prosperity.

Kama is whatever we find enjoyable or pleasurable in life. This can be romance, dancing, travel, sports, expensive jewelry, or designer clothing, etc.  Astrological analysis provides insights into what activities you enjoy, and what your unique gifts and propensities are.  Usually we need to have dharma and artha in place before we fully pursue kama. It is hard to truly enjoy ourselves if we do not know how to fulfill our calling and secure our future.

Think of the time and energy which you could alleviate by being set on the right path.  Otherwise, you may be trying to navigate your career with a GPS and end up on the road to career confusion.

The fourth pillar is moksha.  Moksha is spiritual liberation. Vedic astrology provides us with guidance as to the best spiritual paths to pursue and when to plan for retreats and rejuvenation.

gps_navigation_map_hand_blurred_background_80001_300x188We can treat our astrological charts as a snapshot of the heavens at the time of our birth.  The patterns illustrated in our charts come as a result of these planetary placements.  There will rarely be two individuals (outside of twins) who can claim to share the same astrological blueprint.  Astrological interpretation is both static as well as dynamic. Certainly, your birth chart does not change; however, the planets continue to move daily at their own pace. Few planets are in the same place today as they were at the time of your birth.  As the planets move, they provide opportunities for growth and development.

Whether we are studying Vedic astrology and career, or other arenas in life, having a karmic roadmap can be an invaluable navigational tool for your life.  Find the best route for you by scheduling your Vedic astrology reading.