Goddes-Lakshmi-2016-New-Year-ImagesIt’s the beginning of a new year and we can start with a clean slate.  People worldwide are curious as to what the year 2016 holds.  Astrological forecasts abound from all corners of the globe.  While the year ahead will be colored by your own astrological placements and cycles, there is no doubt that we are in for quite a dynamic year.  2015 may seem like a breeze in hindsight.  Fasten your seat belts. We’re in for a rocky ride on the roller coaster of transformation. Based on the system of Vedic astrology or Jyotish, here are my top astrological tips for success in 2016.


1. Be prepared for change
The nodes Rahu and Ketu will be changing signs in January and moving into sidereal Leo and Aquarius, respectively. They will remain there for 1.5 years.  The nodes connote ambition, desires, unexpected events, and an unending quest for the unattainable. When Rahu and Ketu move, they will impact the house significations of whatever Leo and Aquarius signify in your chart.  There will be a new itch that you can’t scratch.  This will be more magnified if you are in a Rahu or Ketu dasha or bhukti (planetary cycle). You will search for any means to stop the itching in an unusual, passionate matter.  You may be so caught up in your pursuits that you forget to pay attention to whatever else is strewn on the path to the fulfillment of your larger than life desire.

11222896_10153690971207226_6988218972412028444_n2. Pick your battles
One of the best and top astrological tips for success in 2016 is to prioritize what’s important and what’s not. Saturn and Mars will be together in Scorpio from February to September this year.  They create a “my way or the highway” dynamic.  You will expend a great deal of fruitless time and energy if you try and win every battle.  Don’t try and be right about everything.  You may want to fight for every cause that comes your way, but at what price, physically, financially, and emotionally?

3. Learn the arts of compromise and collaboration
Along the same lines, you will fare much better in 2016 if you are open to seeing others’ perspectives. There will be periods when you want everything your way and on your time line.  This is especially when both Saturn and Mars are retrograde in the intensely independent sign of Scorpio. While you feel that no one can do it right like you, be willing to participate in a group effort for a common cause. Otherwise you will be the last man (or woman) standing … exhausted at that.

12316668_10153690971452226_3124466559803038870_n4. Beware of false teachers
The pairing of Jupiter and Rahu together in Leo creates a Guru Chandal yoga.  Jupiter represents teachers and Rahu is connoted with disguises and aberrant behavior.  On a larger scale, we will witness the rise of leaders who have mainly selfish motives and are able to lead their followers astray.  You may think you’re following the yellow brick road until you discover that the power behind the throne is not really omnipotent, but more of a charlatan.  People who have apprentices or students must watch out for the seemingly perfect student who eventually becomes an extremely problematic child.  Those in a Rahu/ Jupiter or Jupiter/ Rahu dasha/ bhukti need to keep their eyes wide open and their wits about them.

5. Stay close to your family
With Jupiter in Leo, it’s in the fifth house of the natural zodiac.  This represents children, as does Jupiter. Jupiter is transiting the nakshatras of Purva and Uttara Phalguni, which is renowned for its love of family and children.  This is the time to cultivate close ties with your family, whether it’s your family of birth or those who feel like kin. During the Guru Chandal yoga, it’s also key to vigilantly monitor your younger or naive children and their activities. Health issues and policies in general for children come to the forefront; don’t be fooled by what the masses lead you to believe. Do your own research.

6. Practice generosity
The concept of karma is key in Jyotish or Vedic astrology. Each of our actions bears fruit, whether in this lifetime or subsequent ones.  Don’t get so bogged down in your own life that you neglect to think of others. This includes family, friends, neighbors, and society as a whole. Lend a helping hand, volunteer, give to charity, open your heart, and make kindness your modus operandi.

12376717_10153742869832226_117741426316353368_n7. Be vigilant about your health
With the Saturn / Mars conjunction in Scorpio, it’s likely to see a greater outbreak of serious illnesses.  Some of these will be self-inflicted by prioritizing your agenda over your well-being.  Scorpio is the eight house of the natural zodiac and represents chronic ailments.  Other problems will be caused by following what the “medical experts” advocate.  Many of these so-called professional opinions are driven by cashing in on other people’s money, another indication of the eighth house.  Another of my top astrological tips for success in 2016 is to remind you that neglecting your health can result in serious consequences.  The eighth house indicates ancient traditions, so using traditional methods of healing such as Ayurveda and acupuncture can be generally quite beneficial. (Please see my blog: Top 10 Ayurvedic resolutions for 2016)
8. Prepare for transformation
Staying stuck in old patterns and behaviors will no longer serve you.  Scorpio can represent “transformation through crisis” and with the two malefics there for an extended stay, there’s no doubt that your secrets and blocks will come to the surface. You will be tested. What do you want to hold onto and what will you let go of?  While you may not enjoy the process, you will emerge from this with a greater awareness and sense of self.

11046871_10153062694012226_6824199024727590224_n9. Let go of the notion of “us and them”
It’s truly the year that the world needs to embrace a greater sense of global unity.  Divisiveness will come easily, but will be very detrimental both on a micro and macro level.  Ketu in the Aquarius can open us to being part of the universal consciousness, rather than our own little platform.  Be more accepting of other cultures, traditions, races and learn to appreciate their difference rather than being stuck in outdated stereotypes.

10. Cultivate an attitude of gratitude
The last of the top astrological tips for success in 2016 is to be ever conscious of all the good things which life has brought your way.  Focusing on your problems this year will make you much less adept at handling some of the changes headed your way.  You may not recognize the opportunities which present themselves.  Each of you has openings each year based on your own planetary placements and cycles.  Learn how to make the most of 2016 by getting a personalized Vedic astrology reading.

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