The Red Planet Retrogrades

The Red Planet – Mars –

In Vedic Astrology or Jyotish, Mars, “the red planet” is considered somewhat of an anomaly amongst the planetary clan. It is the planet of action and always ready for battle. Mars, known as Mangala (“the auspicious one”) in Sanskrit, is the celestial warrior; adventuresome and fighting for a cause.

Typically, Mars stays in a sign of the zodiac for about six weeks and then moves on to the next zodiacal battlefield. However, Mars is waging its battle in the sign of Leo for an unprecedented eight months.

Mars just turned retrograde at 29 degrees of Leo (30 degrees comprise a sign) and is moving backwards in its apparent motion in the heavens. When a planet is retrograde, it is closer to the earth and can thus exerts more of a gravitational impact. Hence, people often claim to feel the energetic impact of a retrograde planet strongly and some deem it as an unwelcome experience.  Mars is also known as vakri – “the crooked one” – in Sanskrit. This is due to its very unusual transits, as evidenced by its current stay in Leo.
Being a fiery planet in the fiery sign of Leo (ruled by the Sun), Mars wants to act forcefully. Fortunately, Mars and the Suns are considered friendly to each other in the system of Vedic Astrology so Mars feels comfortable in its stay in Leo. However, it is unable to behave normally since it is moving at only a fraction of its daily motion. How this will impact each individual will vary on where their natal Mars is placed, what is natally placed in their birth charts in Leo and also what their ascendant (rising sign) is.
Generally speaking, when the red planet Mars is stifled, it can lead to pent up aggression or passive-aggressive behavior. It can also manifest as plans not coming to fruition as quickly as one had anticipated.  There may be drawn out battles. Things may simmer for a long time before they boil over.
Physiologically, it may show up as blood stagnation as Mars is connected to our blood and blood circulation. Leo also has to do with the heart, so it is advisable to monitor any heart health concerns which may arise.
The fifth house of the zodiac also has to do with children in everyone’s charts. Be wary of arguments with children who may just be venting their frustration. Children may also become more competitive or get more involved in sports activities and excel there.  In any horoscope, the fifth house also represents mentors and advisers so it could bring in powerful male mentors and advisers into a person’s life. Alternately, you may be called on to serve as a counselor to others. The fifth house also signifies entertainment, so you may feel pulled to engage in some daring activities such as sky-diving or bungee-jumping. With the fifth house of the zodiac also representing intellect, it may bring in some powerful insights.
Additionally, in Vedic Astrology, Mars also is considered to be a significator of siblings in everyone’s charts. Siblings may show up powerfully in your life during this time period. You may be able to form deeper alliances with them or get mired in conflict.
Since Mars also is the ruler of Tuesday during the week, be particularly vigilant about accidents or injuries on Tuesdays. Traditionally, in the Vedic system, people honor Hanuman or Ganesha on Tuesdays as a way of propitiating Mars. In the Roman system, Mars, the God of war was worshiped.
The key during this time is to cultivate patience and not get caught up in frustration. Otherwise, you may miss the powerful opportunities which may arise. Mars ends its retrogression on April 14 and goes direct and finally leaves Leo on June 21, 2012 and moves into Virgo.

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    April 14, 2012 at 9:44 pm

    I absolutely love your blog. Your explanation of Mars retrograde is so accurate and over the last 2 months this has raised hell in my life! So glad its over today! Please carry on the great work and sharing with us.

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