Setting Up an Ayurvedic Kitchen

Ayurvedic cooking gives equal importance to food prep as it does to the process of dining itself. Thus, it’s important to have the proper utensils in place before you start cooking. Some may already be in your possession. It’s best to approach it in steps.

First, you will need stainless steel pots of various sizes.  Stainless steel is preferred to aluminum. Pots and pans with reinforced bottoms are also preferred. The sizes may vary depending on how many people you typically plan to dine with.  A large and a small skillet with lids are essential for basic sautéing.  Also at least one medium or large stainless saucepan with a lid. You should also invest in a stainless steel pressure cooker, at least 4 oz. size. They usually last a lifetime and can be used to prepare a variety of foods.

To prepare your food, get a wooden chopping board. The plastic kind are more susceptible to bacteria. Professional chopping knives, both large and small are a great investment as well. Have a few different size mixing bowls, either glass, ceramic or stainless steel. A tea strainer and a few larger strainers will often come in handy. The other essential is a blender or a min-blender.

 A rolling pin is also a staple in an Ayurvedic kitchen. You’ll also require a vegetable peeler as well as measuring spoons and cups. Stainless steel is preferable again, but plastic will suffice. Utensils are key in Ayurvedic cooking.

Purchase some stainless steel serving spoons, a large soup ladle, and some tongs.  Additionally, buy some wooden spoons for mixing, as metal is a good conductor of heat and should not be left on the stove for more than a few minutes.

Different size oven trays and oven-safe glassware are also useful to have.

 All Indian households have a masala or spice box to store regularly used spices in one place. They can be obtained at any Indian grocery store. You might also want to get an apron and some dish rags to clean up any messes.  In addition to oven mitts, it’s beneficial to have some trivets or hot plates handy to place those hot dishes on.

The right blend of cooking ingredients are vital in Indian cooking and will be covered in a separate discussion.