Managing Mercury retrograde April, 2017

Mercury retrograde April, 2017Mercury retrograde April, 2017 began today!  You’ve experienced it before, as Mercury retrograde happens three times a year, and it generally creates panic and trepidation.  While many people dread the period when Mercury is retrograde, Vedic astrology, or Jyotish, offers a somewhat varying perspective than Western astrology.  In Vedic astrology, retrogression is seen as a sign of strength.

When a planet is retrograde, it is closer to the earth than usual. People feel its presence more powerfully than normal, for better or worse.  Retrogression connotes the notion of repetition, renewal, and revisiting of situations and strategies. What’s unusual about this Mercury retrograde is that Venus, Jupiter and Saturn are also retrograde this month.  Thus, there’s a lot to review, regardless of your planetary cycle.

Being dual-minded, Mercury endeavors to pursue at least two varying paths simultaneously. Mercury’s innate ability to multi-task is hampered by its slow motion. There can be bouts of frustration which impact the nervous system (or majja dhatu in Ayurveda) due to the slow moving impediment.  As the indicator for commerce, Mercury is powerfully able to use its versatility and intellect to create opportunities for itself.  There is emphasis on the thinking mind in communication, but the thoughts may be repetitive.  Communication may also be misinterpreted.

What bridges will you cross during Mercury retrograde April, 2017?

Mercury retrograde April, 2017 begins with Mercury in Aries on April 9. Aries is a fiery, dynamic, active sign.  Mercury will occupy the constellation or nakshatra of Ashwini during its retrogression.  Ashwini is the nakshatra associated with Ayurveda, the system of healing which is the sister science to Jyotish.  Its deities are the Ashwini kumars, the equine twin physicians who introduced Ayurveda to mankind.


  1. Do not sign any legal contracts or enter into new agreements or partnerships, as there is the likelihood that the contracts may have to be revised or that they will not go through.
  2. Worship Hanuman as we celebrate Hanuman’s birthday during Mercury retrograde.
  3. Consult health care practitioners on methods to support your nervous system and stay calm.
  4. From April 9 to 14, be vigilant about honest communication, rather than “coloring” the truth.
  5. Chant a mantra for Mercury (Budha graha)
  6.  As Aries rules the head and Mercury is a planet of communication, this is an opportune time to learn more about Ayurveda while Mercury is in Ashwini.
  7. Don’t rush into situations impulsively.  Think carefully first!
  8. Avoid taking unnecessary risks.
  9. Use herbal supplements to support mentally taxing activities.
  10. Spend time taking care of your elders.
  11. Donate to a charity which supports horses.
  12. Engage in equine therapy.
  13. Use an herbal hair oil to calm the nervous system.
  14. Use Ayurvedic hair products – shampoo and conditioner.
  15. Practice pranayama to regulate your breath.
  16. Learn about your current Ayurvedic imbalance.

In retrogression, it’s most problematic when a planet goes from being direct to retrograde or vice versa.  For a planet to change direction, it initially slows down considerably and then gradually gains momentum.

Mercury turns direct on May 3, just as it is about to move into Pisces.   More about Mercury retrograde will be posted on my Facebook page.

The specific influence of Mercury retrograde during April, 2017 for you depends on the placement of planets in your personal chart.  What does Aries indicate for you?  Planetary cycles also must be factored. They determine how you can utilize this time to your advantage, and what cautions may be warranted. A personalized Vedic astrology reading will take all these details into consideration.






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