Is it me or my chart?

There often seems to be confusion on the part of the general public about what an astrological chart represents.  It tells the story of our personality, conditioning, personality traits, preferences, etc.   It certainly gives us habitual ways of behaving.  The goal of Vedic astrology or Jyotish is to illumine such tendencies in our lives so that we can interact with them in a more productive way.  We must examine the play between free will and fate in astrology.

Once certain patterns in our lives our highlighted, we can make informed, educated decisions about whether behavior could be altered to achieve a desire result, what tact to take, when to take advantage of opportunities for particular arenas of our lives, and how to use our innate strengths in a manner which is more aligned with our environment.

Your chart is not meant to be the handy excuse for acting inappropriately or refusing to take action when action is warranted.  That is the easy way out.  And we cannot just say, “Well, my astrologer said I’d have bad luck for the next couple of weeks/months/years, so I’m not even going to try and do anything till that period is over.” While there may be “bad luck” indeed for a particular area of our lives, there may be another area which deserves your attention at that time. There may also be another way of interpreting or reacting to the situation, which a skilled astrologer would be able to point out.

In my experience with Vedic astrology, predicting mundane events such as moves, travel, purchase of a new car, etc. can have their application in an individual’s life.   However, there are much more significant uses for astrology in a person’s life. We can utilize what is known as  SWOT (strengths/ weaknesses/ opportunities / threats) analysis.  If we are able to capitalize on our strengths, work with our weaknesses in a productive manner, take advantages of opportunities at appropriate times, and mitigate threats (i.e. ill health, financial issues, lawsuits) by using appropriate strategies, then we can live a more enriching life.

There’s the divine interplay between free will and fate in our lives. This is taken into consideration in a Vedic astrology reading. While you are taking a ride in the car of destiny, it is imperative to remember that you are the driver and that you ultimately have control on the type of car you’re driving, whether you use directions or a GPS or  not, how you handle re-routed traffic, how you interact with other drivers and pedestrians, what you fill your mind with while driving, who is in the car with you, and how you choose to reach your destination.  You are not a back seat driver or the passenger.  Thus, it is important to be engaged in our lives and simultaneously maintain the awareness that we are here to experience the fruits of past and present actions.   If we take a wrong turn, then we have to turn around and get back on track.   It is not insurmountable.  Acting with strong intentions and responding in an appropriate manner is vital.  Re-acting the same way over and over again to a given situation will only serve to perpetuate it.

Take a step back and pause and see how you can alter your perspective or reaction for the benefit of yourself and of others.