Balancing Pitta during summer

eda-posuda-34673In Ayurveda, the three doshas, Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, each have a primary season where they get imbalanced. In the summer, Pitta can get overheated and thus out of balance, more so than the other two doshas.  Pitta is the energy of digestion, assimilation, and transformation. Pitta is comprised of fire and water.  To prevent that fire from raging out of control, here are some methods for balancing Pitta during summer.


1. Avoid over-exertion during mid-day.  Pitta dosha gets most imbalanced from 10 AM to 2 PM (known as Pitta time).  It is important not to overdo it during these times.  Try not to be out in the hot sun, but if you are, use a natural sunscreen such as neem oil.  Don’t go for your daily jog, do a heating yoga practice, or play competitive sports during this time.

-healthy-nutrition-and-fitness-powerpoint-backgrounds2. Reduce your intake of hot, spicy foods.  The qualities of sharp and oily are associated with Pitta dosha.  In Ayurveda, we apply the axiom of “like increases like”.  Thus, eating sharp foods such as onions and garlic will further aggravate that quality of Pitta and can create internal and external inflammation. It may also cause you to speak more harshly and critically.  Chili peppers, citrus, alcohol, and vinegar also will create more inflammatory conditions. They will create excess heat in the body.  This is not the way to keep cool this summer and won’t lend itself to balancing Pitta dosha this summer.

3.  Pitta people enjoy being leaders. They thrive on success and being the best at what they do.  However, their fiercely competitive nature does them more harm than good.  It aggravates the Pitta located in the brain and fans the fires of intellectual superiority.  For balancing Pitta during summer, avoid engaging in competitive tournaments and matches.  Rather, stick to friendly competitions.  Resist the temptation to argue and prove your point at all costs.

Cooling foods are helpful for balancing Pitta during summer
4.  Individuals with high Pitta feel that information is power.  They don’t waste a spare moment and are always known to be carrying around a book.  Resist the temptation to go on late night internet searches or delve into your research at midnight.  This aggravates Pitta dosha and creates hyper-acidity.  Ayurveda explains that everything we take in (nutrients and information) needs to be digested. The body needs rest to properly to digest its food as well as its analytical insights.

5.  Use Ayurvedic methodologies for balancing Pitta during summer.  Follow a Pitta pacifying daily routine. Start with an oil massage (abhyanga) using an oil blend for Pitta, or use coconut oil, or sunflower oil.  Use herbal nasal drops to calm your mind (do not take if you are pregnant).  Take the proper Pitta pacifying supplements to keep yourself cool.  Get a personalized Ayurvedic consultation to determine what is right for you.