Vedic astrology for November, 2014

Shani Dev (Lord Saturn)
Shani Dev (Lord Saturn)

Vedic astrology for November, 2014 marks a dramatic shift which will last approximately three years.  Saturn is moving out of exaltation in Libra in Vedic astrology or Jyotish, and moving into Scorpio, a sign owned by its astrological enemy Mars.

Saturn’s movement signifies a time of change for each of us, depending on our astrological chart. Certain chapters in life are over, while new doors open. It’s a time to let go of outdated modalities and embrace the transformation symbolized by Scorpio. You can read more about Saturn in Scorpio on a previous blog.

Jupiter’s benefic gaze from Cancer will help stabilize Saturn in Scorpio.  Those in a Jupiter dasha or bhukti may finally experience the fruits that an exalted Jupiter can bring, now that an exalted Saturn is not destabilizing Jupiter with its gaze.

Mars aims for following dharma in its own active, passionate way in fiery Sagittarius through the 26th of the month.  Those in a Mars dasha/ bhukti will focus on themes of self-improvement and entering into new frontiers.

Exalted Mercury separates from North Node Rahu on November 4 and joins debilitated Sun in Libra along with Venus.  The issue of communication comes to the forefront in partnerships through the 23rd for those in a Mercury dasha/ bhukti.

Sun remains debilitated in Libra till the 16th. This can be problematic for Leo ascendants and those in a Sun dasha / bhukti. They may not be able to shine as usual.  When Sun enters Scorpio on the 17th, it will be with its enemy Saturn.  Venus continues to be in close proximity to the Sun and experience combustion in Vedic astrology for November, 2014. This creates the phenomenon of being unable to express itself properly or being misunderstood for those in a Venus dasha/ bhukti. Venus is the planet of love, aesthetics, luxuries and desires (to name a  few); these can all be impacted.  Venus moves out of its home in Libra on November 11 and engages in a planetary war with Saturn from November 11 until November 13. This makes Venus doubly week by being both combust and in a planetary war. Mercury and Saturn engage in another war later in the month. I will discuss the planetary war more on future blogs and  on my Facebook page.

In Vedic astrology for November, 2014, the full Moon in Aries occurs on November 6 in Krittika nakshatra. It can be a powerful time to cut through negativities and put your plans into writing.  The new Moon in Vishakha happens on November 23.  The Moon will be both debilitated in Scorpio and new, as well as with Saturn. It makes for a volatile time emotionally.

A personalized Vedic astrology reading will help you prepare for Saturn in Scorpio for the next few years.  If you are in the Bay area, I will be doing a free talk on  the Vedic astrology outlook for 2015 at East West Bookstore in Mountain View, CA on January 3.

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