Vedic Astrology for June, 2014

A much anticipated planetary shift is occurring in Vedic Astrology for June, 2014.   Jupiter, “the great benefic” in Vedic Astrology, or Jyotish, is entering Cancer for one year, starting June 18. Cancer is the sign of Jupiter’s exaltation or place of greatest strength.  The last time that Jupiter was in Cancer was from July, 2002 to July, 2003.

Jupiter -
Jupiter –

Since Jupiter stays in a sign for approximately one year, it can create impactful results.  In Sanskrit, Jupiter is known as “Guru”. The prefix “Gu-” means darkness and the suffix “-ru” means light.  In the Vedic tradition in India, a Guru is a teacher associated with spirituality or a specific discipline, who illumines a path for their students so that they may rise to greater heights.  Jupiter is the planet of wisdom, knowledge, education, discernment, and wise counsel. Jupiter is also associated with spirituality and religion, so this can be a heightened time for spiritual practices.

Cancer is a watery sign and is associated with emotions, sensitivity, nurturing, and home life.  Those people in a Jupiter planetary cycle in Vedic astrology will be most impacted by this transit.  Cancer ascendants will have Jupiter in their ascendant, so this may create more opportunities for them to interact with the public and nurture others.  There may be multiple opportunities to counsel or teach, perhaps even in foreign locations.

Jupiter remains in the star or nakshatra of Punarvasu until July 4, 2014. Then it moves into the spiritually auspicious nakshatra of Pushya.

Saturn continues its placement of exaltation in Libra through October. Saturn will be influencing Jupiter for these next five months. Those in a Jupiter / Saturn or a Saturn / Jupiter cycle need to be mindful of jumping to conclusions, or having very rigid ideas of how situations should work, without putting matters in their proper context. They may also make false assessments during this time, so it’s important to pay attention to how their critical thinking skills are operating.

Another important planetary shift occurs on June 18, 2014 as well. Venus moves into its own sign of Taurus through July 13.  This can bring in the desire to beautify one’s surroundings with decorative items or art. It can trigger the purchase of fine clothing and personal adornments.  People in a Venus cycle may be blessed with sweet speech and more abundant finances.

Mercury, the planet of communication, continues its strong placement in Gemini through the months of June and July 2014.  Mercury goes retrograde on June 7, 2014 and then turns back around at the end of June. The days leading up to and out of the retrogression cycle are the times when all types of communication can be most impacted. Yet, the retrogression may also be a very powerful time to relay written and oral messages.

Another movement in Vedic astrology for June, 2014 is the Sun’s entrance into Gemini for a month beginning June 14, 2014.  This combination of Mercury and Sun together can be quite favorable for technical and innovative ideas.

Being a lunar based system, Jyotish always considers the daily placement of the Moon. The full Moon is given heightened importance. The Moon will be full on June 12, 2014.  While the Moon will be full, it will also be in debilitated in Scorpio that day. Thus, it can be a time for powerful, overwhelming emotions.

These are the major planetary shifts in Vedic astrology for June, 2014.  It’s vital to consider your own astrological placements both natally and by transit to see how you may be impacted.  Knowing the flow of your cycles will also shed light on how to best optimize the Jupiter transit as well as the other planetary placements for June and beyond.

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