Vedic Astrology for July, 2014

Mercury retrograde officially ended today in Vedic astrology, or Jyotish.  Before you run out and buy new technology and send all those emails that you’ve been postponing over the last three weeks, wait a few days till Mercury returns to a faster pace. It’s back to half its regular speed on July 7 and then full speed ahead by the 13th.  Vedic astrology for July, 2014 also brings the unusual phenomenon of having four of the nine planets strongly placed.

Mercury continues its stay in Gemini throughout July.  This can enhance analytical abilities, technical skills, writing, and communication in general.  Then Mercury joins an exalted Jupiter in Cancer.  Jupiter is the planet of spirituality, optimism, fortune, discernment, education, and teaching.  Jupiter’s year long stay in Cancer can heighten or elevate these matters in an individual’s life, depending on where it is transiting in your natal chart. Jupiter enters nurturing Pushya nakshatra on July 4, 2014.  Pushya is a star associated with spirituality, selflessness, care, and abundance.  Jupiter goes into its place of highest exaltation on July 12, 2014.  This coincides with the full Moon and the holiday of Guru Purnima. It’s an ideal time to immerse yourself in spiritual practices and have sublime, blissful experiences.

The other advisory planet, Venus, also has a strong placement in Vedic astrology for July 2014.  Venus remains in its own sign of Taurus until July 13.   Venus represents the romantic partner as well as the finer things in life.  Romance may be enhanced for Taurus and Scorpio ascendants.  This can be a time when you are drawn to purchase fine artwork, jewelry, or silks.

On July 16, the Sun joins Jupiter in Cancer for one month. This can be an even more powerful time for spiritual practices or rituals, especially for Scorpio ascendants.  Libra ascendants can find greater strength in their career at this time.

The backward moving nodes changes signs on July 12.  North node Rahu moves into Virgo, while South node Ketu enters Pisces.  Anyone in a Rahu or Ketu cycle will feel the shift, relative to their particular birth chart. (For the technical jyotishis: this calculation utilizes the mean nodes.)

The next day, Mars rejoins an exalted, retrograde Saturn in Libra.  This recreates some of the same dynamic tension which we had in February and March. Fire and ice collide and there can be a lot of friction.  Trying to have things your way and on your timeline will be problematic.

Exalted Saturn comes out of retrogression on July 20.  Be vigilant for at least three days before and after Saturn leaves retrogression. Saturn is subjecting its harsh gaze onto whatever matters Libra relates to in your chart. It’s important not to be focused on goals to the detriment of other priorities.  Don’t allow personal relationships to suffer.

With these important planetary shifts happening in Vedic astrology for July 2014, there are opportunities to be both maximized and situations to be avoided. These can be highlighted for you through an astrology reading.

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