Vedic astrology for November, 2015

photo courtesy @watervagabond
photo courtesy @watervagabond

Jyotish, or Vedic astrology, for November, 2015 provides us with an opportunity to come face to face with our deepest desires, re-examine our sense of self-worth, and make critical decisions about our partnerships.  Major planetary activity is confined to Leo, Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio.

Mars and Venus

The most noteworthy event in Vedic astrology for November, 2015 is the activity between the dynamic duo of Mars and Venus.  These two began a planetary war (graha yuddha) in Leo on October 31 and move it from fiery Leo to earthy Virgo on November 3.  Virgo is Venus’s sign of debilitation.  The Mars/ Venus pairing creates the sense of being in love with love.  This romantic notion can lead to amorous missteps and regrets, especially as it happens in the constellation or nakshatra of Uttara Phalguni (spanning the end of Leo and beginning of Virgo).  Uttara

Mars and Venus -
Mars and Venus –

Phalguni craves a happy home and family life, but employs poor strategies in attaining its goal.  This leads to regrettable partnerships and the need to keep secrets.  Mars and Venus can both be impulsive.  Venus desires to have its emotional needs met, while Mars must feel in control and be forthright in attaining its goals swiftly.  Venus dislikes conflict, whereas Mars welcomes a battle.  Venus signifies the romantic partner and Mars indicates siblings, so there may also be conflicts between the two.  In Ayurveda, Venus is the reproductive tissue (shukra dhatu) and Mars is the blood (rakta dhatu).  Be wary of any bleeding issues, especially related to the reproductive organs. This particularly applies to those with placements in Uttara Phalguni, or who are in a Mars or Venus cycle in their charts.  The war ends on November 5.

Yet, the following day, Venus is right next to North node Rahu.  Your material desires may get the best of you and there can be unending cravings.  Mars is with Rahu on November 10.  You may feel the need to achieve larger than life ambitions and this pursuit can be relentless as well as dangerous.

Venus and Mercury house exchange

When Venus enters Virgo, it creates a parivartana yoga, or planetary house exchange with Mercury.  Mercury is in Venus’s home of Libra, and Venus is in Mercury’s home of Virgo.  This can lift up matters for those in a Venus cycle.  How this exchange manifests will depend on your ascendant and what houses Virgo and Libra rule in your personal chart.  You may learn more about planetary exchanges by reading the insightful Jyotish book, “Parivartana Yoga”.   This house swap lasts until November 16; then, Mercury moves into Scorpio.  Venus remains debilitated until month end.

Mercury and Sun weak


Mercury’s proximity to the Sun in Vedic astrology for November, 2015 renders it combust and weak.  The Sun is also debilitated in Libra until November 16.  This can give a weak sense of self esteem and low vitality, especially for Libra ascendants.  Taurus, Gemini, Aquarius, and Pisces ascendants should carefully monitor their health.  Mercury gets even closer to the Sun on November 11 and they are at the same degree on the 16th.  Don’t allow yourself to get burnt out or suffer from nervous exhaustion.  Chant the Gayatri Mantra in the mornings to propitiate the Sun.

Diwali and New Year

The festival of Diwali falls on November 10 in North America and November 11 in Europe and India.  It’s a time for great celebration with friends and family and worship to goddess Lakshmi.  Gujarati New Year will be on November 12 worldwide.  Please visit mypanchang for further details on festival dates.

New Moon

The new Moon (amavasya) in Vedic astrology for November, 2015 is on the 11th at 9:45 AM in Libra.  It takes place in Libra in the nakshatra of Vishakha.  Vishakha is quite determined to achieve its goals triumphantly. It can give a single minded focus where social graces and personal life fall to the wayside to give priority to deadlines and projects at hand. With the new Moon, it’s important to monitor your energy and strive for balance.

Saturn and Mercury planetary war

Anuradha nakshatra -
Anuradha nakshatra –

Another graha yuddha ensues in Scorpio between Saturn and Mercury on November 24 and 25.  This takes place in Anuradha nakshatra.  Anuradha is focused on success above all else and can be quite wrathful and persuasive in attaining its aim.  One must come to terms with the ego here.  Mercury moves quickly while Saturn is the known as “slow-mover”.  Mercury wants to do two things at once; Saturn is steady in its focus. Mercury likes change; Saturn craves stability.  With the Sun close by, both planets are combust.  This further hampers the ability of either planet to exhibit its true nature.  As this war happens close to American Thanksgiving, watch for how these tense dynamics may show up with friends and family.

Full Moon

The full Moon in Vedic astrology for November, 2015 is known as Kartika Purnima.  It takes place in Taurus in the nakshatra of Krittika on November 25th at 2:40 PM Pacific time.  One deity of Krittika is Agni (the fire).  There can be mental vacillations as you strive for security.  Relationships may ebb and flow.  It’s a time for cutting out negativity, but we careful not to use your words as weapons.  More details will be posted on my Facebook page.

In yajnas, or Vedic fire ceremonies, we worship Agni to help us transcend whatever obstacles or hindrances are in our path.  Agni is said to have 7 tongues and never be satisfied. Thus, it must be fed regularly.  Like Agni, we can utilize the events in Vedic astrology for November, 2015 as a time for deep inner and outer transformation.  How will you feed your inner fire for an outward metamorphosis?  Your own Vedic astrology chart holds the clues as to these life altering keys.