Vedic Astrology for May, 2015

photo by @watervagabond
photo by @watervagabond

As we examine what lies ahead for Jyotish, or Vedic astrology for May, 2015, it is helpful to look retrospectively at the past month. With so many planets strong during the month of April, we experienced the catastrophic earthquake in Nepal, a volcano eruption in Chile, and violence and unrest in Baltimore.

Two strong natural malefics (Mars and Saturn), as well the Sun (who is categorized as being a “cruel” planet rather than either malefic of benefic) does not bode well for world events. Mercury takes on the tenor of its associates; being with Sun and Mars in Aries places it in the malefic camp. 

Saturn and Mars are indicators of land and Mars has been influencing retrograde Saturn in the earth sign of Scorpio (which is ruled by Mars). Mars and Saturn are unfriendly towards each other.  Mars is active, aggressive and passionate, while Saturn seeks solitude, security and clear strategies.  Mars and Sun both signify authority figures, including military (Mars) and government (Sun).  Saturn indicates subordinates. When these planets get together, there are bound to be clashes.  Mars and Sun are Pitta planets in Ayurveda. They are fiery and active. Saturn is a Vata planet; it is dry, rough and mobile. Together they create physical and emotional friction, and can give way to disasters.

I invite you to join me in supporting the Nepal earthquake relief efforts through my friend Dr. Sarita Shrestha. She runs free medical clinics in Nepal and all the money donated will go towards helping victims of the earthquake.

Mars enters earthy Taurus on May 3.  While Mars is no longer it in own sign, Mars and Saturn are opposite each other now, and that creates a different kind of tension. It’s a battle of the wills and both want to be right. Driving with one foot on the gas and one on the brakes doesn’t get you anywhere and the process itself is exhausting.  On the physical level, this can be a factor in creating additional natural calamities.  Mars continues to be combust by the Sun’s rays the entire month, making it more unstable as it feels stifled. The strongest combustion happens towards month end.

Saraswati -
Saraswati –

Vaishakha Purnima, or the full Moon in Vedic astrology for May, 2015 is on May 3 at 8:40 PM Pacific time. The Moon is full in Libra in the nakshatra of Swati.  Swati is associated with the goddess Saraswati, which provides an affinity with the arts, creativity, and learning. However, the deity of Swati is Vayu, the wind God, so it lends itself to Vata imbalances.  With Swati, it is often difficult to make key decisions or stay on a steady path.  To express itself sweetly in light of the full Moon, Swati needs to ground itself and share its gifts with others. This has to be done on a small scale, so that it is manageable for Swati.

In Asia, Buddha Jayanti is celebrated on May 4. This is also known as Buddha Purnima or Vesak. It honors the birth of Buddha.

Venus and Mercury participate in a planetary house swap on May 2, 2015 when Venus moves into Mercury’s sign of Gemini, while Mercury remains in Venus’s sign of Taurus.  This parivartana is between friends, so that is good. How this affects you personally will depend on if you are in a Venus and/ or Mercury dasha or bhukti and what houses Taurus and Gemini signify in your personal chart. This exchange lasts through the end of the month, until Venus enters Cancer.  Venus in Gemini can enhance the love life of those with Gemini or Sagittarius rising.

The Sun moves out of exaltation and into Taurus on May 14 at 10:10 PM Pacific time.  The Sun joins Mars, and Mercury in the earth sign. This brings great emphasis to whatever house Taurus rules in your chart. It creates a desire to analyze and aggressively implement whatever is signified by Taurus, so that you can be in charge of matters.

Amavasya, or the new Moon in Vedic astrology for May, 2015 occurs at 9:15 PM Pacific time in Taurus in Krittika nakshatra on the 17th.  New Moons are ideal times to worship your ancestors. They are suited for an inward focus, rather than outward expressions.  One of the deities of Krittika is Agni, the digestive fire in Ayurveda. There can be insatiable appetites which you are unable to satisfy, whether they be for food, intoxicants, or even achievements.  Krittika is connoted with battles and wars, both in writing and on the battlefield.  Watch your words, speech, and actions, especially with your spouse or partner. More will be posted on my Facebook page.

The most anticipated event in Vedic astrology for May, 2015 is Mercury’s retrogression in Taurus. Mercury goes retrograde on May 18 at approximately 6:45 PM Pacific time.  It remains retrograde until June 11, 2015.  The 2-3 days preceding the retrogression and following its retrogression are when you may most feel its impact. The parivartana may actually be favorable for many people, depending on your personal chart.

IMG_6068Mercury’s retrogression happens in Rohini nakshatra. Rohini is the red star Aldebaran, the eye of the bull in Taurus. Rohini was the favorite of the Moon’s 27 wives, as she was the most beautiful.  The other 26 were jealous of her.  Rohini loves glamour and allure and enjoys being the center of attention.  There can be a tendency towards narcissism with Sun, Moon, Mercury and Mars transiting Rohini this month.  The Moon is in Rohini when Mercury turns retrograde. Being so new, it will be hard for the Moon to showcase its talents, although it delights in doing so. If you are involved in intellectual pursuits, be careful that others do not steal your ideas or take undue credit for them.

There is a planetary war between Mars and Mercury in Rohini on May 26 and 27.  Striving to balance between managing action and intellect takes center stage. With Sun close by, neither will be fully satisfied.  As usual, I will elaborate more on this on my Facebook page when it is closer to the date.

Saturn continues to be retrograde all month in Anuradha nakshatra while Jupiter remains exalted in Ashlesha nakshatra.  Your personal chart and cycles provide the key insights into how you are most impacted by all these transits, what to avoid, and what to optimize in the weeks and months ahead.  Schedule an in-depth reading to help you plan ahead.

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