Vedic astrology for June, 2015

IMG_1400Jyotish, or Vedic astrology for June, 2015 brings and end to Mercury retrograde, as well as the Saturn/ Mars opposition, a planetary war, and Jupiter’s final full month of exaltation.

Purnima, or the full Moon in Vedic astrology for June, 2015, is on the 2nd at 9:20 AM Pacific time.  Since this is the lunar month of Jyestha, the full Moon falls in Jyestha nakshatra in Scorpio. While full Moons are considered as auspicious, this Moon is both full and debilitated, so it translates into a diverse range of emotions.  The Moon will also be close to a retrograde Saturn, which is in the adjoining nakshatra of Anuradha. These two strong planets next to each other can create high levels of sensitivity, combined with a strong desire to feel nurtured and protected.  Jyestha translates as “the eldest”; thus it is connoted with a person whom others seek out for wise counsel. The deity of Jyestha is Indra, the king of the Gods in Vedic mythology.  Indra had to be careful of his own self-aggrandizement.  Jyestha feels the need for a great deal of personal freedom to do what it needs to do.  There’s the fine line between feeling supported and having the independence which you require.

IMG_1574As Mercury continues its retrogression in Taurus, it moves further away from the Sun and comes out of combustion on June 6.  This renders it more powerful.  Mercury comes out of retrogression at 3:40 PM Pacific time on June 11.  A primary reason that Mercury retrograde has such a bad reputation is  because this usually fast paced planet is moving super slowly for 2-3 days as it goes in and out of retrogression. These are the times when you feel its impact the most. Mercury is the intellect or the buddhi; how it functions during the pre- and post- retrogression times is at a vastly different pace than when it is moving normally.  It may be more difficult to make assessments or come to quick decisions.  Communications can feel stalled or delayed.

While Mercury is separating from the heat of the Sun’s glare, Mars is growing closer.  Mars enjoys being the center of attention and being able to fearlessly enter new territory as it blazes in and leaves its mark. Mars’ combustion can create extreme over-heating and a Pitta like irritability.  Mars is stifled and burnt out when it is so close to the Sun’s effulgence. This combustion continues throughout the month.  Ayurveda can help pacify your overheated Pitta dosha.

IMG_1229Mars and Sun both leave Taurus and inhabit Gemini on the 15th.  With both planets changing signs in Vedic astrology for June, 2015, this ends their aspect (glance) from a retrograde Saturn in Scorpio.  Ideally, this should lessen the frequency of natural disasters.  (Please remember that you can still donate to the relief efforts in Nepal, if you are moved to do so.)  Yet, with such a combust Mars in the air sign of Gemini, this could lead to mechanical malfunctions with modes of transportation.  Educational facilitates may witness more protests or heated situations.

The new Moon (amavasya) in Vedic astrology for June, 2015 is on the 16th, in the nakshatra of Mrigashirsha in Gemini.  It is associated with margas, or paths and trails.  There is the theme of seeking and hunting; in Gemini this activity will be an intellectual pursuit rather than a physical one. You can use this day to map out your own journeys, but let it be a mental exercise, as new Moons are not suited for starting a new adventure.

June, 2015 also marks the last full month that Jupiter will be in its exaltation sign of Cancer.  This auspicious placement won’t happen again for another 12 years.  The Moon is in Cancer on June 18 and is with Jupiter in Ashlesha nakshatra from 8 PM Pacific on the 19th to 10:10 PM on the 20th.  This combination allows for these two public planets to make their mark in the world by networking or connecting with others.

photo courtesy of @watervagabond
photo courtesy of @watervagabond

Before Jupiter leaves Cancer, it engages in a planetary war with Venus from 1 AM Pacific on June 29 to 5:20 AM on July 3.  Jupiter follows the path of wisdom while Venus pursues desires.  Jupiter engages in spiritual pursuits while Venus’s focuses is more worldly.

Amorous Venus is in the sentimental sign of Cancer for the entire month, which places a greater focus on partnerships for Cancer and Capricorn ascendants, especially for those in a Venus cycle.

With many of these topics regarding Vedic astrology for June, 2015, more will be posted on my Facebook page.  It’s difficult to believe that we are coming to the midway point of the year! How can you align yourself with the planetary energies for the rest of the year?

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