Vedic astrology for July, 2015

photo courtesy @watervagabond
photo courtesy @watervagabond

Jyotish or Vedic astrology for July, 2015 promises to be a time of transformation.  The month begins with a planetary war between Jupiter and Venus and another follows later in the month.  Jupiter leaves its exaltation in emotional Cancer and moves into fiery Leo.  Jupiter and Mercury gain speed, while Saturn slows down.

The extra month of Adhika masa, which occurs every 32.5 months, continues till mid-July . It’s a strong time for spiritual practices, especially for propitiating Lord Vishnu.  Shri Krishna Yajurveda Pathashala in Satara, India is offering special pujas for Adhika masa. Contact Vishwajit Godbole at for further information on how you can participate.

The full Moon in Vedic astrology for July, 2015 falls on the 1st at 7:20 PM Pacific time.  It takes place in Sagittarius in the nakshtara of Purva Ashadha.  This constellation has a connotation with Ganesha and new beginnings. This full Moon is a time where you can hone your skills and be involved in the process of ongoing refinement.  Helping loved ones realize their aspirations becomes a priority.

IMG_3923On Independence Day, Venus moves into Leo, creating romantic sparks for Leo and Aquarius ascendants.  Venus turns retrograde on July 25, and thus creates the opportunity to renew and refresh your amorous commitments.

On July 5, Mercury returns home to Gemini. It joins Sun and Mars there, making for a full house.  Things heat up in regards to whatever Gemini represents in your birth chart.

As Saturn begins to come out of retrogression in Scorpio, the “slow mover” further diminishes its pace. By July 9, it is moving at 50% its normal speed. At month end, it is at 10%.  As a retrograde, slow moving natural malefic, Saturn can create harsh, oppressive results.  Change comes slowly and employing proper strategies is key.  This is particularly vital for whatever matters Scorpio signifies in your personal chart.

Jupiter leaves its exaltation sign of Cancer and moves into regal Leo on July 13, where it will remain for 13 months.  Jupiter is comfortable in Leo, as this fire sign is ruled by its friend, the Sun. Jupiter in Leo can bring a greater emphasis on children, teaching, and counseling. It’s an ideal time to study new languages, take up mantra recitation, or work on that book you’ve been meaning to write.  As Jupiter enters Leo, it is moving at 240% of its normal speed; thus you can expect to see faster than usual results.  Mercury is moving at 200% of its regular speed at this time, adding more speed, agility, and technological prowess to its impulsive endeavors.

Adhika masa ends with the new Moon (amavasya) in Gemini at 6:20 PM Pacific time on July 15.  The new Moon in Vedic astrology for July, 2015 is in the ritualistic nakshatra of Punarvasu.  This creates a powerful time for inward practices, spiritual rites, and worshiping your ancestors.

WIMG_4728ith the new Moon comes a Mercury/ Mars graha yudhha or planetary war in Gemini, beginning at 7:15 AM in Punarvasu. Conflicts may arise between action and intellect, between being confrontational and using reason.  Fortunately, the war is short lived and ends the following day at 2:15 PM.

The Sun lightens the load in Gemini by moving into Cancer on the 16th.  Mars has come out of combustion, but Mercury continues to draw closer and closer to the Sun. Mercury makes a quick exit out of Gemini and joins the Sun in Cancer on July 20.  The Sun and Mercury are at an exact conjunction on July 24.  Both emotional sensitivities and mental tensions run high as you feel the strain on your nervous system.

Mars enters its sign of debilitation in Cancer on July 30, joining the Sun and Mercury. This makes for a great deal of emotional turbulence, especially with home life.

Guru Purnima, the full Moon dedicated to our spiritual teachers is on July 30, 2015 in North America and on July 31 in Europe and India.  Please visit mypanchang for dates in other localities.  More updates for Vedic astrology in July, 2015 will be posted on my Facebook page and my blog.  As the transformation unfolds for the second half of the year, it’s a prime time to review how you can align yourself with the opportunities which await you and avoid unanticipated roadblocks.

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