The Facebook IPO: Is it the Best Date?

A  Vedic Astrology perspective

 One of the most anticipated events in the financial world is the upcoming Facebook IPO, or initial public offering, of its stock.  The stock is scheduled to begin trading on Friday, May 18.

 In Vedic astrology, the beginning of an event often determines its outcome. Careful attention is paid to picking an auspicious date to inaugurate an event.  There are two major considerations in looking at auspicious timing. One is to look at planetary placements for the Facebook IPO. The other is to look at the event in relation to the chart of the people involved in inaugurating the event – namely CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

 Let’s consider the astronomical perspective. The Facebook IPO is slated for May 18.  A solar eclipse is happening on May 20.  Eclipses are generally viewed as inauspicious events in Vedic astrology. Astrologers advise against commencing any major activity within three days of an eclipse if the eclipse is visible in your area.  Mark Zuckerberg is based out of California, where the eclipse will be visible.

 Eclipses occur when the nodes, Rahu (North node) or Ketu (South node) align with the Sun / Moon. The nodes are correlated with yearnings and ambition. Rahu has to do with unending desires and an insatiable appetite. Ketu is usually associated with more spiritual pursuits, though the theme of questing is still active.  The nodes have the capacity to grab a hold of our mind and to make it engage in relentless pursuits or to try and unearth a greater challenge.

 Considering the chart for 9:30 AM EST on Friday, May 18, when Facebook starts trading under the ticker symbol FB:

  • The ascendant is at 29 degrees of Gemini and about to change signs.  Junctures are not considered as good times for engaging in worldly events
  • Favorable planets should be influencing the ascendant at the commencement of an event. The only planet interacting with the ascendant is a strong Saturn, the most unfavorable planet.
  • The nodes are in potent positions. Many astrologers consider Rahu to be at its greatest strength in its current placement in Scorpio
  • Ketu is at its weakest position in its current sign of Taurus, a money house which signifies people’s investments
  • Ketu is with the great “benefic” planets, Jupiter and Venus, and the Sun
  • Jupiter will have just entered Taurus and lacks the power to deliver strong results
  • Jupiter is weakened by being very close to the Sun and lost in the Sun’s effulgence
  • Venus is strong by being in its own sign and retrograde, but is a little weakened by being at 29 degrees, (each zodiacal sign is 30 degrees)
  • Jupiter, Venus, Sun and Ketu are all in the 12th house of the zodiac – which is associated with expenses or loss
  • The Moon will be in a constellation which indicates rushing into a situation without forethought and arriving at a goal by any means
  • Each constellation has an opposing constellation which renders the timing to be inauspicious if another planet was placed in that other star; this happens on May 18
  • The Moon should not be in a star which a “malefic” has not transited since the Moon’s visit there last month. This prerequisite is also unmet.

 We also would take Facebook CEO’s Mark Zuckerberg’s birth chart into consideration for the Facebook IPO. He was born on May 14, 1984,  but his birth time is unknown.  Mark Zuckerberg’s Moon is placed in a constellation that evokes themes of great ambition, success by any means, and triumph over his rivals.  Certain considerations for making the IPO timing auspicious based on his natal Moon are met, though a complete analysis isn’t possible without his birth time.  However, this does not compensate for the aforementioned inauspicious activity.

 What can we expect of the Facebook IPO based on the chart for May 18?

  • A clamoring for the stock from investors in all corners of the world 
  • Issues amongst key employees
  • Earnings may not meet expectations 
  • More cutting edge ideas to come forward on Facebook
  • Investors may lack confidence in the stock once it begins trading and there will likely be large price fluctuations

 While the Facebook IPO and CEO Mark Zuckerberg will garner unprecedented media attention for the reported $10.6 billion IPO, a host of problems could be mitigated by choosing a more favorable date astrologically.  Based on the information available about Mark Zuckerberg’s birth, a better date might be Tuesday, June 12, where Jupiter, Venus and Mercury will be in stronger placements, and no “malefic” planet is influencing the ascendant. 

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