Major Planetary Shifts Underway in Vedic Astrology

One of the greatest constants in our lives is change. Some changes are temporary, while other more dramatic shifts evolve through a slow, deliberate process. In a similar vein, planets in Vedic astrology or Jyotish have their own mode of imparting transformation. As my Jyotish teacher says, “A slow moving planet creates the longest lasting results.” Planets are continually cycling through the 12 signs of the zodiac at varying speeds.  The Sun, Venus, and Mercury average about a month in a sign. You feel their impact for a brief period of time, then they go on to create another experience. Saturn stays in a sign approximately 2.5 years and Jupiter for about 1 year. These two planets have the ability to leave a marked impression on our lives.  They do so depending on what sign they are currently in, where they are placed in your natal Vedic astrology chart, and what other planets may be influencing them.

An unusual phenomenon is occurring this week in Vedic astrology, with multiple planets changing signs. The Sun moved out of fiery Aries into earthy Taurus on Sunday.  Jupiter also leaves Aries today and joins the Sun in Taurus. Saturn, the planet of discipline and obstruction, returned to Virgo yesterday evening. Saturn was previously in Virgo from September, 2009 to November, 2011. Whatever themes dominated your life during that period are likely to re-surface. When re-visiting these situations, you can ideally use the time until early August (when Saturn re-enters Libra) to resolve unfinished business. Saturn is driven by strategies and its message often is to simplify one’s life. As the sixth house of the natural zodiac, Virgo represents subordinates, debt, daily routines, acute health issues, lawsuits, and your maternal uncle, to name a few.

Adding to the activity in Taurus is its landlord Venus, who just turned retrograde yesterday and will be luxuriously extending its stay at home until the end of July. Also joining Sun, Jupiter and Venus in Taurus is South Node, Ketu. Many Vedic astrologers consider Ketu to be in its weakest state when it is in Taurus. However, this condition is modified for the period when Venus is also in residence there.

Taurus is a house connoted with security, or artha. Security in Taurus shows up as investments or non-career related income. Security also takes the guise of family, food, and clothing in Taurus.  With the current placement, there may be ongoing desires to consume delectable delights and wear the finest silks and jewelry. Engaging the senses will be a primary motivating factor in much activity. 

 Taurus is the second house of speech and with “benefics” Jupiter and Venus there, this can be a good time to take voice lessons, cooking classes, or sign up for Toastmasters. It’s also a time when you can give or receive sound advice.  With the Sun there, you’ll be able to speak with authority. Family dynamics are likely to intensify.  Ketu gives an eclectic, spiritual flavor to pursuits. Yet, Ketu’s nature is to never quite be satisfied with what it has and to continually strive for something more enticing.  How might this be manifesting in your life?

 The most powerful event is the upcoming solar eclipse on May 20. That will be covered in a forthcoming blog. Your planetary cycles in Vedic astrology are the key to uncovering what will impact you the most and how it may do so.