Saturn Re-Enters Libra in Vedic Astrology

Om Sham Shri Shanaischaraya Namaha

In Vedic astrology, we assess a planet’s impact by seeing what sign of the zodiac it’s in and what that means for us individually. The longer that a planet occupies a sign or zodiacal constellation, the more long-lasting its results. While the Moon inhabits each of the 12 constellations for 2.5 days, Saturn stays for 2.5  years.

In Vedic astrology, Saturn re-enters Libra on August 3, 2012.  It had initially moved into Libra last November and then turned retrograde and moved back into Virgo in May. Saturn’s final entry into a sign is deemed to be the most important in Vedic astrology. It will remain there until November, 2014.  Saturn typically leaves an impact before it exits a sign, so there may be some key events happening in the next week which pave the way for the its journey into Libra.

The impact that Saturn has on each individual will vary depending on the personal dynamics of their chart and what planetary cycle they are undergoing. We pay particular attention to where a person’s natal Saturn is placed and where their Moon is placed. It’s also key to see what is natally placed in Libra, as well as what house of the astrological chart it is for a person (i.e. first house, tenth house, etc.).

Saturn has a strong need for security. Generally, whatever house Saturn is transiting in your chart, you will seek out methods to help make you feel secure about the matters related to that house. Again, you will do so in ways indicated by your own personal astrological tendencies.

 In Vedic astrology, Saturn is considered to be “exalted” or in a very strong placement when he is Libra. Saturn is connoted with dark places such as basements. It’s moved out of the basement and into a spa and it’s ready to leave its mark. Saturn or Shani (phonetically shun-nee) also represents that which we shun in our lives. So, a powerful lesson will be to make peace with the matters of the house that Libra represents in your chart, rather than to continually avoid them.

As an exalted natural malefic, Saturn can be likened to a virulent storm. We know where it’s headed, but we can’t anticipate what damage it will leave it will leave in its wake. The best we can do is to plan ahead and make well-informed choices.  What might this Saturn in Libra bring? The appropriate answer is, “It depends on your chart.”  What Saturn in Libra may bring will be covered in a future blog.

Saturn has often gotten a bad rap, in that it is a “malefic” rather than a “benefic” like Jupiter or Venus. Yet, being slow moving, it can teach us very valuable life lessons if we are willing to listen. It can make us stronger by facing up to challenges and help us set priorities in our life. Contrary to popular belief, Saturn is there to help us break free of our patterns and conditioning, rather than punish us. It is a matter of perspective; we often lack the objectivity to step back and look at the events of our lives in a semi-detached manner. That is why people often seek out astrologers or counselors, to help them put a blurry picture in focus.

                                        Om Sham Shri Shanaischaraya Namaha

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