Relationship Astrology

green-karatIn all my years of practicing Jyotish or Vedic astrology, the top two topics that people want to discuss in a Vedic astrology reading are the honey and the money.  Usually it is the honey that takes precedence. Tina Turner asked, “What’s love got to do with it?” Well, everything and then sometimes nothing, when it comes to relationship astrology.

What do I analyze in a Vedic astrology chart when it comes to relationship astrology? When the question of the love arises, I first see what Venus is doing in a person’s natal chart. Venus is the planet of love. romance, luxuries, and desire.  Venus represents the romantic partner for both genders.  Is it strong? Is it weak, meaning that the individual will have to work extra hard in the matter of relationships? Is Venus somehow connected to the house of relationships? What is in the house of relationships? What constellations or nakshbras are these planets in? Is the person in a Venus planetary cycle? What does the relationship chart (the navamsha) indicate?  What do the calculations for relationship timing suggest? Does the annual chart for the birth year (often called the progressive chart in Western astrology) show hope in the matters of partnership? This chart is known as the varshaphala or fruit of the year. Ideally, we want astrological placements and calculations to show fruit in the arena of love.  It’s a detailed, complex process and all factors have to assessed.

It’s a divine dance between our free will and fate in relationship astrology. We must exercise our free will to attract love, but it may not be our fate to find the right person as quickly as we desire. If it is your season or cycle of love, then are you out there actively meeting people in public or online? Have you told your friends, colleagues, family, etc. that you would like them to introduce you to a potential romantic partner?  Sometimes the perfect opportunity for partnership passes people by when they are too busy with work or unmotivated to make the effort. Then they must wait again for the next astrological opening.

Just as important for knowing if it’s your love season is knowing your love reason. What motivates you in the arena of love?  What’s your style?  Do you jump into a relationship and then regret it later?  Are you so ambivalent about who to date that it stops you from dating anyone? What relationship strategies do you regularly utilize ? Are they to your benefit or detriment? Are they conscious or unconscious? Do you attract the same person over and over again, just with a different name and address? How do you break the cycle?

Some people are in love with love while others just want a temporary companion. Some are serial monogamists; others are seeking a life time partner.  If Partner A is looking for love and Partner B just wants someone to hang out with, then this can obviously be detrimental to long-term success. Have the two partners communicated their intentions to each other? 

Knowledge is very empowering. If you were able to step back and objectively look at your relationship behaviors and responses, that would do you a world of good. Unfortunately, we all lack the ability to be completely objective about our own lives. We have too many biases about ourselves and numerous ways to rationalize what we do and why.  Einstein’s definition of insanity was doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  And our loves lives can literally drive us insane. It’s so easy to blame it on the other person and what he or she did or didn’t do, but relationships are a dance. And it takes two to tango.  Perhaps you need to learn a new dance from a a different instructor.

Then, once Mr. or Ms. “Maybe Right” shows up, there is the matter of relationship compatibility.  How well do you dance together? What are your core weaknesses and strengths as a couple? How much effort will you have to put into things? What will come easily? How do you best support each other?  Vedic astrology offers a method to interlay the charts and offer a non-biased view on how your relationship may operate.

It’s important to know if Partner A needs a lot of space in a relationship and if Partner B wants to be together to the greatest extent possible. If so, are these patterns conscious? Do both parties know this information? Making this relationships work requires learning new ways to maneuver in the realm of interpersonal relating. Are both A and B up to the task?  When will be periods of dancing together soulfully in the relationship? When might you step on each others toes? How can you best support each other? All these factors need to be addressed in relationship astrology.

The sister sciences to Jyotish also play keep roles in supplementing relationship astrology. In an in-person reading, palmistry is an added tool. The palms of both partners can be utilized to see how they relate to matters of the heart. The heart line show an individual’s emotional tendencies.  Is the person one who puts his or her heart on the line or does he or she keep hide his emotions?  Knowing the hand type (earth, water, fire, air) will also reveal a great deal of information regarding how the person relates to the world.  If Partner A is an earth hand who is simple and straight-forward and Partner B is a water hard who is complex and sensitive, then there’s a world of difference in how express themselves daily.

We can also utilize Vaastu Shastra (Vedic architecture) to visit an individual’s home and see how the bedroom is arranged. What may be obstructing the addition of a loved one into a person’s home?  Are there some modifications which can be made to help clear the way?

The healing art of Ayurveda also plays a role with relationship compatibility.  If Partner A is a fiery, inquisitive Pitta person and Partner B is an easy-going, sedentary Kapha person, it will be hard for them to share the same household. Or, if Partner A is an erratic, hyper Vata person and Partner B is a methodical, judgmental Pitta person, then a great deal of effort will go into figuring out a viable daily schedule for the two of them.

If properly utilized, relationship astrology can help you find the path to understanding your personal relationship dynamics via your Vedic astrology chart and its sister sciences. It’s rare that I find two people who likely won’t be able to make a relationship work, but the discussion is whether they are ready to invest in laying the groundwork to “Happily Ever After.”  Knowing where there are speed bumps, roadblocks, and detours on the path to love can make navigating the maze of relationships an easier task.