Planetary Wars Ignite

My Jyotish teacher often would quote, “Yat pinde, Tat Brahmande” or “As above, so below.” He encouraged us to stop looking at astrological charts on our computers and visualize what was going on in the heavens at the time of a child’s birth or a significant event. When we experienced or witnessed a significant event, he suggested we deepen our understanding of Jyotish by examining what was happening in the skies at the time and place of the event. If we look at current world events, we can find the astrological correlation which contributes to these events. One explanation is the plethora of planetary wars or graha yuddas in Vedic astrology.

As mentioned in the previous blog about Mars and Venus, a graha yuddha or planetary war is when 2 of the 5 true planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter) are within 1 astronomical degree of each other. They can be in the same sign or in adjacent signs. Typically planetary wars last a day or two and we usually have only one at a time.  However for the next few months, we have planetary wars galore.

Red and Orange Galaxy Illustration


When planetary wars ignite, they can create conflict for us internally depending on what they trigger or activate in our personal charts as well as in the outer world. 

For each individual, the planetary wars will effect you depending on:

  • What house(s) they activate in your personal chart in Jyotish
  • The significations of the house(s) activated
  • Your planetary cycles (dasha/ bhukti)
  • What is natally placed in the house(s) where the planetary wars ignite



Aside from the Mars/ Venus graha yuddha (peace vs. battle), we will also experience;

  1. Mercury / Saturn planetary war in Capricorn on March 1 and 2. So we will have 2 concurrent graha yuddhas in Capricorn. Saturn and Mercury will battle out in the nakshatra of Shravana. See my Facebook posts about Shravana. Mercury represents the buddhi or the intellect. Mercury is analytical, Saturn is strategic. Mercury moves quickly; Saturn moves slowly. Mercury is witty; Saturn is serious.
  2. Saturn/Venus planetary war in sidereal Capricorn on March 27-29.  This will take place in Dhanishta. Dhanishta means “complete wealth”.  It has to do with leadership and governance and a wealth of riches. How are those riches attained? Saturn is simple; Venus is luxurious. Saturn is a loner; Venus desires a partner. Saturn likes known routines, while Venus wants to continually please the senses.  The Moon will also be in Capricorn on the 27th and 28th, to add to the planetary dynamics and heighten sensitivities
  3. Likely the most challenging graha yuddha of the two great malefics, Mars and Saturn in Capricorn in the nakshatra of Dhanishta. Saturn is strong as it rules (owns) Capricorn and Mars is also strong as it is considered exalted (at its greatest strength) in Capricorn.  Strong malefics act willfully and recklessly.  This planetary battle occurs April 3-6. Saturn is cautious; Mars is aggressive. Saturn moves tactically; Mars rushes in.  Mars is hot; Saturn is cold. Both are inflexible and unyielding in their desire to win.   The Kala Sarpa pattern is also going on during this war, making the matter more challenging.
  4. A Venus/ Jupiter graha yuddha April 29-30 in Pisces in Uttara Bhadrapada. These are the two benefic planets and both are strong in Pisces. Jupiter owns Pisces and Venus is exalted in Pisces. Venus was the advisor to the Asuras (the non-luminous beings who stole the amrita during the Samudra Manthan) and Jupiter was the advisor to the Devas (the gods). Jupiter is philosophical and spiritual while Venus enjoys more worldly pursuits. Jupiter is sagacious and Venus is more impulsive.
  5. A Mars/ Jupiter planetary war in Pisces from May 27-30.  Mars like to battle; Jupiter prefers the path of wisdom. Mars likes action; Jupiter prefers contemplation.  This graha yuddha also happens in Uttara Bhadrapada nakshatra, which is symbolized by the back of a funeral cot.


Purple and Brown Colored Planet


With Maha Shivaratri approaching, we can dedicate our practices to the peace for all of humankind, those who are visibly and invisibly suffering. 

People ask about the Ukraine astrology and the Russia astrology as well as the charts of the leaders. Analyses are posted by many people online.  Hopefully an understanding of the sky patterns will help you understand that much of what is happening was due to the battles in the sky being mirrored on the ground.

We can also maintain awareness of all the dynamics in the sky and understand that while the phenomena are temporary, their consequences are long and wide-reaching.  We can be compassionate with our thought, words and actions. We can offer blessings as well as monetary assistance.  The exact duration and consequences of the current and upcoming battles are uncertain. There is both fixed karma at stake as well as individual free will on the behalf of the leaders. However, we can be fixed in whatever practices we do with our spiritual practices and offer their fruits to the highest purpose.

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(Photo credit Mattheus Bertelli)


The good news is that Jupiter’s movement out of sidereal Aquarius and into Pisces in April will empower Jupiter to deliver more benevolent results; it can create wise counsel.  For all of March, Jupiter is very close to the Sun and not able to express its best qualities due to its proximity to our luminary.

The nodes also move in April and Rahu will move out of debilitation, those limiting its power somewhat. The Kala Sarpa yoga pattern will also end in April. 

I will share further details on my Facebook page as some of the graha yuddhas approach. 

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shantih: