Planetary Push and Pull

Wherever planets may be positioned in your astrological chart, there is one constant theme for everyone, and that is change. Some important planetary movements have occurred in Vedic astrology or Jyotish recently and others will happen next month. This includes a Saturn and Jupiter opposition.

Pleasure loving Venus has returned home to its own sign of Taurus, where it is joined by the South node, Ketu. Ketu is considered to be debilitated (in a weak state) in Taurus by many Jyotish scholars. Ketu has its own desirous nature and cravings. This pairing manifests strongly as the planets converge towards each other. Venus is planning an extended stay in Taurus – until the end of July.

Saturn, the slowest moving planet, has been in Libra since November. This brings mixed results. Saturn is exalted (at its greatest strength) in Libra, and it is also currently retrograde. This brings added power. However, Saturn is also the most virulent “natural malefic’, or a planet who can bring out results which we typically attempt to avoid. Saturn is temporarily moving out of Libra in mid-May for three months.

Placed opposite Saturn is the greatest of the “natural benefics” – Jupiter, which is in Aries. ┬áIn Vedic astrology, benefic planets can deliver outcomes which we find pleasurable. Jupiter is very charming, discerning, knowledgeable, and gregarious. Saturn enjoys contracting and constricting, while Jupiter enjoys ongoing expansion. Not only does the polar astronomical opposition of these two strong planets create a dynamic tension, but their innate contrasting qualities also add to their push/ pull dynamic. For those in a Saturn or Jupiter planetary cycle, it’s been a series of stops and starts.

The other great “malefic” planet is the aggressive Mars, which has been in the fiery sign of Leo for an extended period of six months. Mars’ forceful nature has been intensified by its retrogression. Fortunately, Jupiter has been influencing Mars, which tempers Mars’ warring nature with its qualities of wise discernment and peacefulness. Mars’ retrogression cycle ends on the 14th, and then Mars will exit Leo on June 20th.

Mercury recently ended its retrogression cycle, but continues to be debilitated in Pisces for another month in Vedic astrology. Being the planet of communication and business, those in a Mercury cycle may continue to feel constricted by Mercury’s weakness, but not as powerfully as in the last few months.