Mars and Saturn in Virgo in Vedic Astrology


After spending an unprecedented eight months in the fiery sign of Leo in Vedic astrology or Jyotish, sizzling Mars has moved into earthy Virgo today. Mars joins a retrograde Saturn in this sign.  Mars and Saturn in Virgo makes for a potent combination.

Mars and Saturn are the two great “natural malefics” in Vedic astrology, or those planets which deliver experiences which we render as undesirable.  When they come together, the astrological pot is stirred.  Mars is the celestial warrior, braced for war at any time. It is the planet of action, courage, aggression, and conflict. Saturn is the slowest moving planet, very cautious, responsible, and strategic. It can bring delays, obstacles, and burdens to teach us our greatest life lessons.  This pair of opposites create a push-pull dynamic. Mars is hot; Saturn is cold.  Mars loves risk; Saturn is risk-averse. It’s like driving with one foot on the gas and one foot on the brake simultaneously.

This combination of Mars and Saturn in Virgo promotes a dynamic akin to the reluctant warrior. It makes people break out of a slump and choose a new modality.  Mars and Saturn promote industriousness and hard work. It can lead to discipline in action by pushing us beyond our limitations and our restricted thinking.  Those in a Mars or Saturn planetary cycle (dasha or bhukti) in Vedic astrology will be most impacted by this transit.

In Vedic astrology, the pairing occurs in Virgo, the sixth sign of the natural zodiac. Mars is less comfortable in Virgo, since it is not as friendly with landlord Mercury as is Saturn.  Virgo is very diligent, methodical, and plans out activities after analyzing the details and making precise calculations. Virgo also is a house related to health, so this time can be utilized to create health-promoting routines.


The sixth house is also connoted with employees or subordinates, so there can be conflict between supervisors and those reporting to them.  Also be cautious about getting involved in legal conflicts and double check all angles before entering binding agreements.

Additionally, the nakshatras or constellations in which the Mars and Saturn fall come into play here. Mars has to be careful of getting involved with the wrong person romantically. They can also accumulate more than they need.  People may continually seek you out to help them in some way.  Saturn will be very serious, requiring order in all situations. It will be very concerned with proper administration of matters. Even if it gets involved with artistic endeavors,  Saturn will not be engaging in these activities for fun, but for precision.

The great benefic planet, Jupiter, is also aspecting (influencing) Virgo at this time, so this friction is somewhat softened.  The potential for good wisdom to come on board exists.  Fortunately, Saturn and Mars don’t intersect this time in Virgo, as Saturn is returning to Libra on August 3.

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    I appreciate your nice explanations on Mars and Saturn in Virgo. I am experiencing the same.I am Moon sign Leo.

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