Jupiter and Rahu in Leo: Guru Chandal Yoga

12096444_10153597675347226_3189344564810523866_nOne of the significant transits in Vedic astrology, or Jyotish, for 2016 is the pairing of Jupiter and Rahu in Leo. This is known in Jyotish as Guru Chandal Yoga. This conjunction can often be problematic on both a personal and global level. Guru is the Sanskrit word for Jupiter.  It also translates as a spiritual teacher. Chandal (or Chandala) translates as a person who is a member of the lowest caste, or an outcast.

The conjunction of Jupiter and Rahu in Leo begins on January 29, 2016, using the mean node calculation.  Guru Chandal yoga can be formed whenever Jupiter is with North node Rahu or South node Ketu.  The Jupiter Rahu combination is more widely discussed, as Ketu won’t be as troublesome.

index.phpThe Guru Chandal Yoga is problematic is because we have two planets with dissimilar natures sharing the same zodiacal home. Think of two roommates. One is a spiritual teacher who takes the high road, is wise, philosophical and humanitarian. The other is  a non-conformist who’s completely into self-preservation, and chasing after its selfish unending worldly desires.  These are two completely different agendas and it is difficult to reconcile the two. They must find a way to peaceably co-exist.  Jupiter wants to do the right thing all the time and follow traditional rules, while Rahu wants to shake up the norm with its own unconventional ways of existing. Which roommate rules the roost? Much depends on your natal chart placements.

Saturn in Scorpio is powerfully influencing both Jupiter and Rahu in Leo. This can lead to lapses in proper discernment, strong biases of how things should be, self-righteousness, and misjudgments.

Description of Guru Chandal Yoga:

With a Guru Chandal yoga, a leader emerges with prominent personality traits.  The person can be very charming or captivating, and quite influential.  He or she can lead followers down the wrong path.  The individual can be a free-thinking crusader, to the point of being a fanatic.  There are already examples of this happening in the political arena.

How will the conjunction of Jupiter and Rahu in Leo (Simha rashi) play out? There are a number of ways.

Manifestation of Guru Chandal Yoga:

  • 12274410_10153690971557226_2939543499258331337_nOn a personal level, you may decide to study with a foreign teacher or learn a nontraditional subject.
  • You may get involved with a religious or spiritual tradition which is quite a contrast than what you have been brought up with or previously followed.  This is likely to happen on a large scale globally.
  • You could become the teacher who is guiding others on a foreign or eclectic subject.
  • You may decide that it time to make radical changes in the standards and ideals your society/ community and take up action to create reform.  We have seen this starting already in various ethnic and regional communities.
  •  You can have a disagreement or difference of opinion against a teacher or mentor or even an educational institution. This could lead to something like dropping a class or quitting school altogether.
  • As a consequence of your disappointment with this teacher or organization, you decide to publicly express your opinion.
There is the possibility of  being swayed by a charismatic teacher who is actually a false Guru.  Be mindful of someone who promises greatness but in actuality has nothing to offer.  This can often manifest in the context of a “spiritual” community.  It can also be a political leader who is “preaching” to his or her followers.
  • You may also learn that one of your mentors has fallen from grace due to a scandal.

Who’s Impacted?

If you natally have Jupiter or Rahu in Leo or are in a Jupiter or Rahu planetary cycle, you will feel its impact the most. If you have a sidereal Sagittarius ascendant, then you should also be quite mindful. Gemini and Aries ascendants need to be particularly watchful of your interactions as well.

Random_23How to manage Guru Chandal Yoga:

  • Exercise discernment in your choices
  • If you have a true teacher, pay homage to him or her on Thursdays
  • Offer service to your Guru
  • Chant a Guru mantra
  • Chant a Jupiter mantra
  • Chant mantras for Rahu and Ketu
  •  Listen to the Vishnu Sahasranam
  • Donate raw honey, or saffron, or yellow colored sweets, or turmeric to a temple or spiritual organization.
  • Meditate and ground yourself.
  • Seek advice before making major life changing decisions.
  • Learn what roles Jupiter and Rahu play in your chart so that you can plan accordingly.

Jupiter and Rahu in Leo form the Guru Chandal Yoga until Jupiter moves into Virgo on August 11.  I will be posting more information on Guru Chandal Yoga on my Facebook page.

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