From Yes I Can to Yes I Did

Regardless of your political affiliation, you’ll undoubtedly agree that this has been an historic election.

Having been at Grant Park in Chicago on Election Night on November 4, 2008, it was perfectly clear that those of us gathered knew that Obama was going to win; we held the belief that he was going to be the next President of the U.S.  We had been doing our visualization of President Obama in the White House long before the polls were open.

Image courtesy of Giiid

And when he walked onstage, we knew that he knew as well. Obama displayed a determined confidence and was ready to get down to the business at hand. He knew the auspicious responsibility that lay ahead of him and was prepared to take on the great tasks at hand. This was a time for celebration but was also the time to set the course for the coming four years. It was a momentous occasion.

We can all give ourselves credit for the role that we played in this historic election. Whether it was volunteering, attending fundraisers, making sure others voted, researching the candidates’ stands in the primaries, voting early, or holding the vision, we all played a key role in the process. We held the belief of “Yes we can.”

The collective consciousness held a belief which became a reality. While this was done on a national scale, it can be personalized to our own lives as well. Each of us has certain belief systems and ideals. We have a box which we’ve created and we’ve placed ourselves inside it. This is the box of possibilities. We think we can only achieve x but not y. We are only capable of this but not that. Every once in a while we may poke a hole and try and expand the box a little further – just enough to stretch our comfort zone.

The first step in getting out of our own way and expanding the box is to create affirmations or statements for intentions which we would like to fulfill. Get clear on what you want, visualize it, write it down, practice affirmations, make a vision board; do whatever resonates with you. Believe that “Yes I can do this.” Do not follow “Yes I can” with “This will never work out” or “The odds of this happening are slim to none”. These types of self-defeating statements will serve only to negate whatever progress you are making. Hold the vision that what you choose to achieve can manifest, that it is doable, that you are greater and more powerful than you or others would have imagined. Do not allow yourself to be ruled by your limited view of yourself or how others view you.

Step out of the darkness of the box and into the light. Darkness cannot exist in the light. Create a bigger box for yourself. Take a risk and set plans in motion to achieve your intended goals.  See how powerful and determined you can be when you have set a strong intention.  If obstacles or challenges arise, deal with them in a calm and rational manner. Keep the intention and goal in mind. Set small, manageable steps to achieve your target. Allow yourself some flexibility with dates and deadlines. Experiment with new methods to reach your desired result. Be willing to fall and get back again.  Learn to avoid the same potholes in the future. We cannot achieve anything without making an effort. If we can be our own best friend and number one supporter, think of how much we can achieve. There is no time spent on negativity, doubt, worry, anxiety, vacillation, or resignation.

Work towards your goal in a directed fashion and know that you will cross the finish line. Then you can say, “Yes I did!”