Five Planets in Gemini in Vedic Astrology

Photo courtesy of G.D. Cloyd
Photo courtesy of G.D. Cloyd

We utilize nine planets in Vedic astrology, or Jyotish: Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Sun, and the South nodes Rahu and Ketu. Both Western and Vedic astrology have 12 houses of the zodiac, each comprised of 30 degrees each. Typically, we expect the planets to be spread out over the 360 degree arc of the zodiac. This isn’t currently the case. We now have five planets in Gemini in Vedic astrology. These are the Moon, the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, and Mars.

Gemini relates to communication, technology, the arts, and the arms and shoulders.  It also signifies siblings, short journeys, commutes, and courage.  Gemini can also signify a move or time apart from the mother and home. Planets enjoy having their own space and communicating freely. With five planets in Gemini, it’s not so easy to do so. There is intensity in the arenas which Gemini signifies for your chart.

Mercury, the planet of intellect, is currently retrograde in Gemini. This makes it doubly strong by being in its own sign of Gemini and being retrograde. With its retrogression, Mercury is moving closer and closer to the Sun.  A planet too close to the Sun is known as combust. By being caught in the Sun’s effulgent rays, a planet feels inhibited from fully displaying its natural attributes.  Mercury and Sun will be at the exact same degree at 11:40 AM PST on July 9, 2013.  As Mercury and the Sun draw closer, a person’s innate mental brilliance may further blossom, since Mercury and Sun also create a combination for intelligence.

Typically quick moving, Mercury has slowed down due to its retrogression.  Mercury gains 64% of its speed on July 9. To exit its retrogression cycle, Mercury then slows down again. On July 19, Mercury is at a virtual standstill again. It comes out of retrogression the next day. The times when Mercury is moving the slowest is when the greatest impact is felt. Mercury regains its normal speed by the end of July.  Mercury continues its stay in Gemini until August 4.

There is a new Moon at 12:15 AM on Monday, July 8, 2013 PST in Gemini. New Moons are times when our energies are low. It’s a time for rejuvenation and reflection, not for outward action.  The Sun, Moon and Mercury are in the nakshatra or constellation of Punarvasu.  Punarvasu is a nurturing, spiritually oriented nakshatra. It is family oriented and enjoys rituals. There is also the capacity to be innovative and creative when planets inhabit Punarvasu.

The Moon occupies Cancer on July 9, 2013.  Mars moves into Cancer, its sign of debilitation, on August 18.  Jupiter will remain in Gemini until the summer of 2014.

Astronomically, Mercury is always with the Sun or in an adjoining house. Venus is never far from the Sun either.  Generally speaking, the  Sun, Venus and Mercury will stay for a month.  Mars can stay for 6 weeks or longer.  Moon stays for 2.5 days.  Jupiter inhabits a constellation for 1 year.  The nodes (Rahu and Ketu) take up residence for 1.5 years.  Saturn stays put for 2.5 years

Along with the five planets in Gemini in Vedic astrology, there is another configuration known as a Kala Sarpa Yoga occurring. This is created when the seven planets are all inside the nodal (Rahu/ Ketu) axis.  Rahu is currently in Libra, and Ketu is in Aries.  Kala means black or time. Sarpa means snake. In this context, the term yoga is utilized to describe a particular planetary configuration.

Associated with Kala Sarpa Yoga is an innate, unquenchable thirst. Life can be full of ups and downs and surprises that come out of nowhere.  The hidden snake emerges and strikes.  There is a great intensity and drive.  This Kala Sarpa Yoga notion will be modified during the times that the Moon transits Scorpio to Pisces. Otherwise, we will have to wait a few months for Venus to enter Scorpio to alter this yoga.

 Which of the five planets in Gemini will bear fruit for you and how depends on your birth chart and your current dasha and bhukti. An astrological analysis can give you specific details on what to expect in the coming months in various arenas of your life.