Jupiter in Gemini

Om Gum Gurave Namah: 

photo by Eklavya Prasad @watervagabond
photo by Eklavya Prasad @watervagabond

 In Vedic astrology, or Jyotish, one method we utilize to assess what an individual will experience is by planetary transits.  The movement of the planets in the heavens have a direct correlation to what we experience on earth.  The Sanskrit word for planet is “graha”, which means to grasp or to seize. Planets take a hold of us during specific cycles and exert their influence accordingly. The planets we look most to are Saturn and Jupiter as they are the slower moving planets. Saturn is in currently exalted in Libra. Tomorrow, we will have Jupiter in Gemini in Vedic astrology.

Jupiter will be in Gemini for one year. Guru also translates as heavy, a quality (or guna) often attributed to Kapha dosha in Ayurveda. Jupiter has the greatest mass of all the planets in the solar system.  Jupiter leaves the earth sign of Taurus and enters the air sign of Gemini as of 6:18 PM PST on May 30, 2013. While earth signs relate to the material, tangible, and concrete aspects of life, air signs emphasize analysis, thought, and intellectual pursuits.

Gemini is a governed by Mercury. Mercury is dual minded. This also correlates to Gemini, which has a reputation for pursuing two interests simultaneously. Like its symbol the twins, it’s as if there two are beings operating.  Jupiter’s entry into Gemini can trigger the pursuit of a secondary field of study, following another teacher, pursuing another spiritual path, etc.

Jupiter is the mantri, or the advisor. It is charismatic, enthusiastic, generous, and adheres to dharma or moral codes of conduct. Jupiter is the planet of wisdom and discernment. In Gemini, Jupiter may have a propensity for dispensing advice after much analysis and contemplation.  As Jupiter is also the indicator for religion and spirituality, those in a Jupiter planetary cycle (dasha or bhukti) will be drawn to practices which involve the reading of spiritual or scriptural texts.

Jupiter also indicates children.  Parents can take this opportunity to become more involved in helping their kids with their studies or finding a suitable tutor for studies. 

 Gemini relates to communication, the arts, and the arms and shoulders. This can be an ideal time to pursue writing projects or new creative endeavors. There can also be regular commutes or an increase in short travels for those in a Jupiter cycle.  Gemini also indicates siblings, so it can be a time when siblings take on a pronounced role in your life. This can take the form of giving or receiving advice from siblings, or participating in intellectual or spiritual pursuits with your siblings.

As Jupiter enters Gemini, it will be there with the two other benefics, Mercury and Venus.  While Mercury rules Gemini, it is not friendly to Jupiter. Fortunately, Jupiter is an enemy to none of the planets, so it will make the best of the situation for the coming year.

How Jupiter will impact you personally depends on your planetary cycle, where your natal Jupiter is placed, and what (if anything) you have placed in Gemini in your birth chart.  A personalized reading can shed light into what this transit of Jupiter in Gemini may signify for you.

Om Gum Gurave Namah:

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