Astrological Predictions for the 2012 Election

These astrological predictions for the 2012 election are offered from the viewpoint of Vedic astrology or Jyotish. The planet having the greatest impact on the election is Mercury, which is turning retrograde on Election Day.  A retrograde planet is moving closer to the earth and thus exerts more of a gravitational impact. What’s vital is the period when a planet moves from its forward motion to retrogression. During this time, a planet is staying in one place. In Sanskrit, a planet which is stationary is labeled as kutila (“defective or deficient”). Quick-acting Mercury feel stifled when it’s stationary.

Mercury represents both oral and written communication, including documents, such as election ballots. With retrogression, there’s the notion of retracing your actions. There will be issues with the ballots and a cry for recounts.  Mercury is dual-minded, so communication will show flip-flopping of the outcome by the media. Items will be reported and then corrected.

This election will harken back to the 2000 Bush/ Gore election, in which there were disputes over hanging chads, recounts, and the actual winner. In both elections, we have a debilitated Sun in Libra in Vedic astrology. Sun represents the government or leadership.  However, this time, the Sun is joined with an exalted Saturn. Saturn is the planet of challenges and delays.  Saturn and Sun are unfriendly to each other. There will be friction between governmental officials and those working with the electoral process. There may be charges of procedural violations.

In Vedic astrology, Mercury takes on the nature of the company it keeps. It will be with a strong Mars and North node Rahu in Scorpio. Mars is the assertive and passionate planet of ambition and aggression.  Rahu is the driven planet of illusion, desire and questing. All these qualities will be displayed in full force during the election, more so than in previous elections. Results will be deceptive, with politicians and media vying to steal the spotlight with inventive techniques. A retrograde benefic Jupiter in Taurus is aspecting these three malefic planets. Jupiter represents wise counsel and discernment.  A court or judge may get involved in determining the outcome.

Mercury is turning retrograde in the nakshatra or constellation of Anuradha in Scorpio. Anuradha is concerned with success above all else, regardless of the methods used to attain their goals. This determination manifests in a very diplomatic way which disguises the raw ambition underneath. Anuradha is also associated with bringing together large groups of people for a common cause, and doing so for personal purposes. Here the candidates are attempting to unite a nation towards their goals. The loser will exemplify a gone but not forgotten attitude at his concession speech.

Assessing the individual presidential candidates’ charts for the election, Obama is displaying a more powerful
configuration in Vedic astrology. Obama recently began his Saturn dasha, or planetary cycle. Saturn is prominently placed in Capricorn in his ascendant with a debilitated Jupiter. Saturn creates a powerful combination known as a Sasha yoga.  The ancient astrological text Phaladeepika states: “The person born in a Sasha yoga will be praised by one and all, will have faithful attendants and be strong. He will be the headman of the village or a king.”  Saturn currently being exalted in Obama’s 10th house of career by transit ups the ante.  However, Saturn recently turned retrograde in the nakshatra of Svati, thus creating a great deal of instability.

Romney will be more impacted by Mercury’s retrogression since he’s in a Sun dasha and Mercury bhukti (sub-cycle). Both are in his 10th house of career in his birth chart in Aquarius in Vedic astrology. They create a powerful raj yoga or combination for prominence. Mercury is natally retrograde in Romney’s chart, which is evidenced by claims that Romney often gives varying opinions on his political positions. At the time of the election, the Sun is debilitated by transit in Mercury’s sixth house (which is a negative house). This will not yield positive results for him.

Both Obama and Romney display strong political astrological combinations. However, Obama shows a much more powerful combination for success than Romney in his astrological chart.  My astrological prediction for the 2012 election is that Obama wins the election on November 6, but it will not be without  complications in determining the outcome.