All Things in Moderation

One of the greatest challenges we have as humans is making changes.  Even if there are situations in our lives that we are discontent with, it can be safer, more secure to continue repeating patterns of behavior that reinforce the existing situation.  Yet, we simultaneously complain about the situation to just about anyone and everyone.

For example, we dislike our jobs.  What do we do about it? Complain about the working situation, do our tasks begrudgingly, struggle along, and count the days until Friday.  We could choose to be proactive about things that we dislike, look for creative solutions to challenges, get involved in committees in your workplace, or join professional groups that relate to our skill set or where we aspire to be.  We can update our resume and network to find what we are looking for.  We can establish informational interviews or volunteer with organizations that we’d like to join.  We can take classes and learn new skills.  If the company offers tuition reimbursement programs, take advantage of them.

It’s always easier for many people to see the negative side of a situation rather than the positive.The glass half-empty or half-full situation comes into play daily. We may say that it’s half-full but is that reflected in our thoughts and actions?

People are often complacent and stay in a situation rather than risk the unknown.  This static behavior promotes Kapha dosha in Ayurveda.  We get stuck in our routines, habits, and patterns and are afraid of what lies behind door #2.  So we stick with the known of door #1, even though we are unhappy with its content.

In Vedic astrology, those with a strong Mars in their chart are often prone to being more adventuresome (depending on its placement) and taking risks, often to extremes.

Then, there are others on the opposite end of the spectrum.  They are constantly changing everything: jobs, hair color, residences, relationships, clothing, etc. This leads to erratic patterns in sleeping, eating, and lifestyle.  It’s hard to commit or hold on to something when we are constantly seeking new stimuli in a particular arena of life. This aggravates Vata dosha in Ayurveda, which is mobile and changeable.

Ayurveda teaches “all things in moderation”.  It requires that we strike a balance in each aspect of our lives.  What that point of balance is will be unique for each individual.  It is up to us to discover that fine line and walk it daily and make adjustments as we alter the course of our lives.