Vedic astrology for September, 2017

Jyotish or Vedic astrology for September, 2017 presents an opportunity for a relative calm before the next storm. A major planetary shift happens as Jupiter moves into Libra.  Saturn prepares for its transition next month, and Mercury comes out of retrogression.

A topic on our minds and dear to our hearts in Hurricane Harvey.  As rescue workers tirelessly toil to assist those who are displaced, hurt, and despondent, we can continue to offer our prayers and our charity to the people in Texas.  It is helpful to propitiate Varuna, the god of water.

The astrological correlation here can primarily be attributed to Saturn, who is a force to be reckoned with, and chaotic Rahu.  Rahu is the master of disguise and intrigue and takes on the guise of Saturn.  Saturn just came out of retrogression in Scorpio.  It is gandanta or in the unstable position of being at the end of a water sign and about to enter a fire sign (Sagittarius).  These elements don’t mix well and usually stir up a literal boatload of trouble.  Rahu entered the water sign of Cancer last month. It’s still very tenuous as well and wants to create a lasting impression in its new residence.

Because two of the water signs are both afflicted by unstable but powerful natural malefics (Saturn and Rahu), we are getting water issues which will lead to greater problems with water contamination and safety.  I am posting more specific technical information to members of Reflective Mindset Group.

Analytical Mercury and aggressive Mars fight for dominion during the first three days of the month, to see who can rule the throne in Leo.  As conflicting feelings arise, there are likely to be impulsive but thwarted actions.

Mercury retrograde ends on September 5.  You want to be extra careful before you rush to sign new contracts or make important decisions. Mercury has not only come out of a planetary war, but it’s also in a constellation which was recently eclipsed. It’ll take three days for Mercury to be back to half its normal movement.  Then it’s full speed ahead by September 12.

The full Moon in Vedic astrology is also on September 5.  This is Bhadrapad Purnima, with the Moon full in Aquarius. Watch for intense feelings to arise.  I’ll share more details about this full Moon with members of Reflective Mindset Group.

The time for honoring our departed ancestors is Pitru Paksha.  It begins on September 6.  Because of this annual commemoration, it’s ill advised to travel for anything other than spiritual purposes.

Jupiter makes its annual movement on September 11 when it moves into Libra for a thirteen month stay.  You want to see what you have in Libra in your birth chart and the matters that Libra signifies for you. Jupiter typically enhances the matters of the house it occupies, especially if you are in a Jupiter cycle.

However, what is problematic is that all the slow moving planets (Saturn, Rahu/ Ketu, and Jupiter) are at the beginning or end of a sign.  This  transitional time is akin to trying to stay on an escalator which is ending. There is no secure place to go and it can create falls and mishaps.

Since Mercury has come out of retrogression, it is moving in the same direction as its neighbors.  Mars and Mercury re-engage in a planetary war from the 14th to the 17th.  Similar tensions about decision making arise. Do you react from your impulsive, aggressive side or from a more calculated intellectual viewpoint?

Venus joins the planetary party in Leo on the 15th.  This will fuel your creativity and desires, whatever they may be.

The next day, the Sun loses some of its planetary luster as it enters Virgo for one month. With Mercury in Sun’s home and Sun in Mercury’s abode, they are temporarily engaging in a planetary house exchange or a parivartana yoga.  As there are 12 possible ways in which this can manifest, especially if you have it natally, you can learn more about it by reading Parivartana Yoga.  This dynamic ends when Mercury returns home to Virgo on the 25th.

Mercury’s exaltation in Virgo can be just the spark you need to finesses your strategies, analyze your routines and create re-vitalizing habits.

The new Moon in Vedic astrology for September, 2017 is on the 19th in Virgo. The next big change will be at the end of October, when Saturn moves into Sagittarius.