Vedic astrology for December, 2016

sunlight_viewAs the year draws to a close, and we experience another cycle of Mercury retrograde in Jyotish or Vedic astrology for December, 2016, it’s a perfect time for reflecting on your personal victories and challenges during 2016 and forming resolutions for 2017.  There’s also a Kala Sarpa planetary cluster and the unusual situation of three “planetary house swaps” or parivartana yogas this month to provide a dynamic finish to the year.


The month in Vedic astrology for December, 2016 begins with the continuation of the Kala Sarpa Yoga formation from November.  This astral placement of heightened intensity is created by the configuration of seven planets inside the nodal (Rahu/ Ketu) axis.  It gives great focus in certain arenas of life, conjoined with a marked lack in other areas. This pattern is broken on December 8, when the Moon moves out of this turbulent configuration.


The planetary exchange or parivartana yoga between the malefics Saturn and Mars continues from November into December.  Saturn is occupying Mars’ sign of Scorpio, while Mars is inhabiting Saturn’s sign of Capricorn.  While this can manifest in twelve different ways, depending on your personal rising sign, the overall tone is that of conflict and struggle. Being right takes precedence above all else.  Watch for work related conflicts, as your secrets may surface while you attempt to deal with perceived limitations and imperfections.

river_near_black_rock_formation_during_golden_hourOn December 11, Mars leaves its exalted placement in Capricorn and blazes into Aquarius, which is also ruled by Saturn.  This creates a recurrence of the Saturn/ Mars parivartana yoga. Mars joins South node Ketu in Aquarius, which further charges Ketu to act ambitiously and aggressively.  The result is a different type of tension, but not as much of a push / pull dynamic as the previous combination.  Keep your cool, rather than just aiming to be victorious.


On November 28, Mercury and Jupiter also create a parivartana yoga in the signs of Sagittarius and Virgo.  As the two education planets interact, it’s a beneficial time for studying and pursuing higher ideals.  You may also wish to study philosophical or spiritual topics as a means of connecting with your dharma.

These three exchanges in Vedic astrology for December, 2016 open a gateway for pursuing reciprocal exchange opportunities. Seek out mutually beneficial business and personal alliances, yet remain flexible in your negotiations.  Pay attention to what astrological houses and themes these activate for you.  Refer to the book, “Parivartana Yoga” for greater insights into your specific situation or schedule an astrology reading.


white_cherry_blossom_tree_in_close_up_photography_during_daytimeOn December 2, romantic Venus joins passionate Mars in Capricorn.  This makes for an amorous and daring pairing, particularly for certain ascendants.  Be mindful not to be so in love with love that you forgot to exercise discernment.  When the Moon joins this dynamic duo on December 3 and 4, your overcharged emotions act as your sentimental guide.

Saturn’s proximity to the Sun in Vedic astrology for December, 2016 can also be quite challenging.  In Vedic folklore, Saturn is the son of the Sun, but they have a tumultuous relationship.  Saturn is overshadowed by the Sun and feels more insecure.  Thus, it seeks to gain solid footing via safe strategies. This begins on December 4,  reaches a climax on the 10th, and ends on the 19th.


The full Moon (Purnima) in Vedic astrology for December, 2016 is on the 13th in Taurus.  This takes place in the searching star of Mrigashirsha.  You will be traveling in search of an ideal situation. The physical search follows suit with intellectual  pursuits.  You may read more about the full Moon on my Facebook page.

On December 15, the Sun moves into Sagittarius for one month.  It’s a perfect time to align with your spiritual goals and pursuits. You may spend time with your teachers or embark on foreign travels for the purpose of pursing inner peace.


Mercury retrograde helps bring the year to a close from December 19 into the new year.  What better way to end the year rather than re-visiting your habitual tactics and creating new strategies?  Subscribe to this blog to read a future post on Mercury retrograde.


The new Moon (amavasya) in Vedic astrology for December, 2016 is on the 28th in the sign of Sagittarius.  You strive for self-improvement, but don’t overdo it.  Mercury’s proximity to the new Moon can make it difficult to discern whether to follow your head or your heart.  I will be writing more about the new Moon on my Facebook page.

As we wrap up 2016 and head into 2017, pause to review the highlights of the past year. Then define what you want to achieve in the coming year.  Rather than holding on to preconceived notions, take a fresh approach.  Schedule a reading now to get a jump start on the new year.