Vedic astrology for December, 2015

photo courtesy @Watervagabond
photo courtesy @Watervagabond

Another year draws to a close. Have you experienced the transformative power of Saturn in Scorpio?  The spiritual pull of Jupiter in Leo?  Changes in your routines with Rahu in Virgo?  Jyotish, or Vedic astrology for December, 2015 promises to be a memorable month to round out the year.  There are two sets of planetary exchanges, and lots of activity centered in Virgo, Scorpio, and Sagittarius.

Venus in Libra

Venus is the strongest planet in Vedic astrology for December, 2015.  The planet of love begins the month back home in its sign of Libra, after being debilitated last month.  As the 7th house of the natural zodiac, Libra signifies partnerships.  With the holidays, there is the natural longing to spend quality time with a special loved one. Venus’s transit places added emphasis on this notion and the quest takes greater charge for those who are discontent with their relationship status.  The scales of Libra are actually merchants’ scales and thus connoted with commerce.  This month can usher in the opportunity for new business partners to enter the arena.  This time is optimal for some people, depending on their birth chart and planetary cycles.

Rahu and Ketu’s last hurrah

T12310493_10153690971357226_5803084531253365388_nhe nodes Rahu and Ketu spend their last last full month in Virgo and Pisces, respectively.  Having taken up residence in these signs since July, 2014, they will be sure to leave an indelible mark for those in a nodal cycle.  What follows is a sampling of what we experienced with this transit.  On a personal level, Rahu has caused many people disruptions via acute health problems, sudden legal troubles, issues with employees, and  job changes.  Ketu’s transit may have precipitated an inclination for spiritual journeys overseas, explorations of foreign lands, sudden expenses, and periods of isolation.  Globally, we have witnessed a rise in acute diseases, the heightened vaccine controversy (the nodes connote poisons), increased international conflicts and foreign enemies, reversals in alliances, and earth (Virgo) based and water based (Pisces) natural disasters.

Mercury swiftly darts into goal oriented Sagittarius on December 6. Sagittarius ascendants find themselves drawn to more dual pursuits than usual.  The mind is very changeable.

Saturn starts off the month very combust due to its proximity to the Sun in Scorpio.  Saturn is the son of the Sun in the Jyotish tales, but they are inimical towards each other.  You may feel overwhelmed by family responsibilities and carry the weight of the world on your shoulders.  The combustion continues until December 9.

New Moon

The new Moon in Vedic astrology for December is on December 11 at 2:30 AM Pacific time.  This is known as Kartika amavasya.  The Moon will be doubly weak by being debilitated in Scorpio and new.  The Moon will be in the nakshatra or constellation of Jyestha.  Jyestha means “the eldest”.  People may seek your advice and look to you for good counsel.  Be careful of how you exert your energies from December 10th to 12th, as it will be easy to overdue it.  With Moon in Scorpio with Saturn, there can also be feelings of melancholy and low motivation.  Ayurveda offers herbal supplements which can bring about mental equilibrium.

Jupiter entered the nakshatra of Uttara Phalguni in Leo at the end of November.  North node Rahu is currently in Uttara Phalguni in Virgo.  Uttara Phalguni is characterized as being very charitable, as is Jupiter. This is a wonderful time to be philanthropic with the charity of your choice, especially as the year draws to a close.

12247190_10153667560742226_6732860847646207914_nPlanetary exchanges

The Sun moves into Sagittarius on December 16 for one month.  This creates a parivartana yoga or house exchange for Jupiter and Sun.  Generally speaking, it can be a strong time for education and spiritual practices. Intellectual pursuits will come to the forefront and you may want to pursue philosophical studies.  How this will impact you individually depends on your personal birth chart.

Mars enters Libra on December 24 and the following day, Venus joins Saturn in Scorpio.  This creates another parivartana yoga with Venus and Mars.  This exchange could be either beneficial to partnerships and investments or create debt crises and health issues for partners.  A transformative period will play out according to your own horoscope.  To learn more about planetary house exchanges, you may wish to read the book Parivartana Yoga.

Christmas Full Moon

The full Moon in Vedic astrology for December, 2015 is on Christmas day at 3:10 AM Pacific time in the nakshatra of Ardra.  Ardra can be quite tumultuous, as it allows outdated relationships and situations to dissolve.  Fresh starts may be made, but not without shedding tears over the situation.  Ardra is connected with Shri Rudram.   This is a rare phenomenon to have a full Moon on Christmas. More will be posted on my Facebook page.

12301529_10153690970137226_5794779937345731072_nThe New Year

On December 31, Jupiter, Moon and Rahu are all in Uttara Phalguni, with the latter two being in Virgo. The fickle mind may be tempted to form unhealthy alliances.  Look before you leap into the new year!  It’s not the time to be hasty.  Jupiter is moving at only 25% of its normal speed at year end, as it prepares to go retrograde in Leo.  This can affect your reasoning abilities.

The planetary alignments in Vedic astrology for December, 2015 put us on the precipice of a new dawn.  We can make crucial choices for how we choose to spend the year ahead.  2016 brings notable transits with the nodes moving, Jupiter and Saturn going retrograde, and a Saturn/ Mars alignment.  How can you make 2016 a year full of promise rather than turmoil?  Jyotish helps us traverse through uncharted territories. A personal Vedic astrology reading can guide you on how to make the most of the changes in the new year.