Vedic astrology for April, 2016

10421258_10205704609727700_1273324673967951077_nRare planetary dynamics in Jyotish, or Vedic astrology for April, 2016 bring us the opportunity to reflect, review, and re-strategize our ideas and plans.  We will experience the impact of 4 of 9 planets retrograde and 2 planets exalted.  Retrogression renders planets even stronger in Vedic astrology. Our words and actions will have powerful consequences.

Venus Exalted

Venus began the month in Vedic astrology for April, 2016 in its exaltation sign of Pisces.  Here, Venus can enjoy the luxurious comfort to which it accustomed.  Venus signifies beauty, love, romance, the arts, luxury, one’s partner, and vehicles.  Depending on which house Pisces is situated in your astrological chart, Venus will vibrantly display its rich tapestry.  Venus can create passionate feelings of love and romance and can bring in a partner of a high status. Pisces and Virgo ascendants will feel Venus’s attraction strongly.  Being the twelfth sign of the zodiac, Pisces represents expenditures in Jyotish.  Resist the impulse to overly indulge in “retail therapy”.

On April 2, Mercury moved out of it sign of debilitation in Pisces and entered fiery Aries. This placement puts emphasis on the thinking mind, and can bring quick insight, especially if you are in a Mercury cycle.

waterNew Moon

The new Moon in Vedic astrology for April, 2016 is on the 7th at 4:55 AM Pacific time.  It takes place in Revati nakshatra in Pisces.  This is called Chaitra amavasya.  Revati is known for safe travels, but it’s a better day to stay put.  Revati is known for marking time, so use this day to concretize plans on your calendar.  Take this day to worship your ancestors and be charitable in helping others reach their desired destination. You can read more about the new Moon on my Facebook page.

Sun Exalted

On April 13, the Sun radiates its effulgence into its exaltation sign in Aries.  This high placement can give a tenacious dynamism, especially to Leo ascendants who like to show their prowess.  For Cancer ascendants, it may give greater advancements  in career.  Use the month while Sun is in Aries to focus on your health, as the Sun can give strong vitality and radiance.  The Sun begins its journey in Aries in Ashwini nakshatra.  Ashwini is named for the Ashwini Kumars, the celestial twin physicians who brought Ayurveda to the world.  Ayurveda is the healing modality which has traditionally been used in conjunction with Jyotish.

By mid-month, retrograde Saturn in Scorpio is moving backwards at its normal daily speed and continues to gain momentum.  Saturn’s driven by strategic planning and will re-trace its steps to ensure its security and safety.  Saturn does so in a way that can be quite virulent.  Saturn’s influence on retrograde Jupiter in Leo can create critical lapses in judgment.

The festival of Ram Navami is on April 15.  This celebrates the birth of Lord Rama, the epitome of dharma.  Review how you are practicing righteous activity in the realm of your daily and spiritual activities. You can also chant to Lord Rama.

treesMars Retrograde

On April 17, Mars turns retrograde in its own sign of Scorpio, making it doubly forceful.  Mars will be renewing its determination to be assertive and claim dominion.  Mars was moving at half of its normal speed at the beginning of the month, so it’s important to be careful of accidents and injuries. Resist the compulsion to engage in aggressive battles.  The weeks before and after Mars turns retrograde are quite potent.  The slower Mars moves, the more stifled it acts.  Feels of suppressed anger can surface.  Mars remains retrograde through June.

The pairing of these two powerful retrograde malefics in Scorpio can be a transformative period.  As we’ve already witnessed in worldwide situations, individuals and groups are going to extreme lengths to show their authority, assert their leadership, and gain control over territory.  This is done via any means which they deem necessary.  They hold the belief that no one else can lead like they can.  With the Guru Chandal yoga being influenced by Saturn, people can fall prey to a false teacher with selfish interests.

The positive aspect of Mars and Saturn in Scorpio is that it can herald in new scientific discoveries and breakthroughs. We’ve seen some recent advancements in the treatment of chronic illnesses (which Scorpio signifies).  You can use this time to delve deeply into research, especially ancient topics.

Both Mars and Saturn represent property or earth and Scorpio is a watery sign.  More natural disasters and accidents can occur, so it’s key not to engage in risky adventures in unstable situations.  Pay careful when driving and do not multi-task.

Full Moon

Saraswati -
Saraswati –

The full Moon in Vedic astrology for April, 2016 is on the 20th in Libra.  It occurs in Swati nakshatra at 10:20 PM Pacific time.  This is known as Chaitra Punima.  Swati is connoted with the goddess Saraswati, who embodies learning, wisdom, and purity.  There’s the impetus to gain greater independence in your circumstances.  To do so, create clear strategies and time lines. Otherwise, you will be flailing in the wind, like a young sapling trying to self-individuate in the midst of a windy field.  I’ll write more about the full Moon on my Facebook page.

On April 25, Venus gracefully joins Sun and Mercury in Aries.  This brings a greater focus to the matters which Aries represents in your chart.

Mercury retrograde

Just as Mercury is poised to move out of Aries, it turns retrograde on the 28th.  The only true planet which is not retrograde is Venus.  ( The nodes are always moving backwards, and the Sun and Moon are constantly in forward motion.)  With these four retrograde planets, you will see themes of repetition and renewal. You may feel as if you are moving backwards and not making much progress.

Here is how to best utilize the unusual transit of four retrograde planets in Vedic astrology for April, 2016:

  • Gain clarity on your strategies, goals, and plans for the coming months and years
  • Re-visit situations which are unresolved
  • Explore former employment opportunities and professional collaborations
  • Do not expand into new horizons
  • Check and double check the arenas that Aries, Leo, and Scorpio signify in your own chart (as based on your rising sign)
  • Don’t get fixated on your ideals
  • Be vigilant about your health; do not push yourself to the point of exhaustion
  • Be precise, clear, and selective in your communication
  • Focus deeply on your spiritual practices
  • If you are so inclined, worship Ganesh daily to remove any obstacles in your path

To learn how to best navigate these transformative times in Vedic astrology for April, 2016, you may wish to schedule a personal reading.

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