Top five astrological tips for success in 2018

We recently bid farewell to 2017.  The majority of people whom I’ve encountered both professionally and personally have reiterated that 2017 was quite a difficult year. They weren’t prepared for all the upheaval that presented itself – personal conflicts, natural disasters, loss, and political chaos. Now that we have welcomed 2018, many are wondering how to safely navigate any choppy waters which they may have to traverse this year. The following are my top five astrological tips for success in 2018.  These astrological tips for success in 2018 are based on transits (the movement of the planets in the heavens), information found in ancient Jyotish texts, as well as years of astrological practice.


  1. The first of the astrological tips for success in 2018 is to stick to your dharma.  Dharma (phonetically dhur-mah) is defined as person’s one highest duty in all arenas of life. When one’s actions are motivated by one’s loftiest morals and ethics, then one creates more punya (merit) on a personal level.  This merit accrues to future generations in your own lineage.  As the global population collectively acts more benevolently rather than selfishly, it creates a shift in our consciousness.  We are indeed at a critical juncture globally.  Divisiveness, racism, disparity, segregation, and discrimination have been creating increased racial and ethnic strife. The great strides that our ancestors toiled for over years or decades to attain are being overturned in a matter of days.  The next time a choice presents itself, ask yourself what is for the greatest good for all concerned? Don’t just focus on what you may gain from it. That gain may be momentary compared to the ripple effect that the alternate choice presents.
  2. astrological tips for success in 2018Be prepared to shake up your normal routines. 2018 will be a defining year both personally and globally.  Maintaining the status quo throughout the year is not an option. You will be compelled to act due to either internal or external factors. As you witness discord outside, feelings will well up which will fester until there is some resolution. The resolution will come in the form of some measurable action. Until you feel that you have proactively committed yourself to some goal or outcome and taken the necessary steps, you will feel unsettled.  This action may take place in the sphere of domestic life, spirituality, championing a cause, a redirection in your career, a path of study, a leadership role, choosing to walk away from an unhealthy situation, or something else which creates a drastic change in your normal operating patterns.
  3. Determine where you want to call home. Wherever you may reside, you will likely feel that it’s no longer the right environment for you. Home may not be where the heart is but it will be where you choose to wander. As wanderlust sets in, you will desire to journey for adventure, pleasure, novelty, and even boredom. You may be motivated by the desire to change your surroundings, own your own place, leave unhappy memories behind, be closer to loved ones.  The temporary thrill of exploration and innovation won’t last for years. Look around. Get clear. Set your priorities. Pick the place which allows you to focus on what you want to achieve personally and professionally. However, continually moving around won’t allow you to build the long-term alliances you need this year.
  4. Take refuge in your partnerships. This is the year to seek the support of others.  Don’t try and do it all alone this year.  Regardless of your skillset, 2018 calls for group effort.  This is the year to cultivate your personal and professional relationships.  You can create trustworthy, fruitful alliances this year.  If you’ve been taking a break from the dating world, this is the time to re-enter that realm with your eyes and heart open. This is the time to practice monogamy if you desire to move from a “me” to a “we” situation. Make sure you are astrologically compatible before making a long-term commitment.  If you are starting a new enterprise, seek out long-term, ethical partners. 2018 will be a time when you can receive the advice of wise counsel.  Think long-term and set your goals realistically. Rather than getting caught up in the idealism of what could be, stick to the present reality. You’ll also see how the group dynamics which you forged over the past few years can play out in a more easeful manner.  Choose your loyalties and stick to them.
  5. astrological tips for success in 2018
    Making lemonade out of lemons is one of the astrological tips for success in 2018

    The final of the astrological tips for success in 2018 is to learn to make lemonade out of lemons. Whatever life dishes out, don’t let it lead to your downfall or ongoing despair. Even if you are in the midst of a difficult Saturn transit (Sade Sati), use herbal supplements to help elevate your mood. When circumstances get tough, be proactive rather than reactive. Make the best of situations.  Wake up and embrace the things in your life which are working rather than lamenting about the lack in your daily existence.  If you have to be uprooted from your home or job or even family, plant new roots and lay a strong foundation. Add a little sweetness to the lemon water if it’s tasting too tart. 

Along with following these astrological tips for success in 2018, it’s always helpful to know your basic Vedic astrology chart and how planetary influences may impact your life. Being well-informed helps you make logical and supportive choices for your personal well-being.  Chart a course for success as you set sail on the divine karmic journey of 2018. 

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