Planetary Placements for August and September 2013

IMG_1842In the previous blog, I described planetary strengths and weaknesses taking place in Vedic astrology or Jyotish.  How we are impacted by these planetary placements for August and September 2013 will depend on our current planetary cycles.  Our experiences are also contingent on our rising sign or ascendant in our natal chart.

While it would be too lengthy to cover every cycle for each of the 12 ascendants, we can examine how each of the ascendants might be impacted. You can calculate your natal birth chart for free at this website for Vedic astrology.

For an Aries ascendant, their first house or rising sign, is ruled by Mars. Mars is debilitated in Cancer until October 5.  When the lord of a sign is debilitated, they feel they have to work extra hard. As the planet of aggression, they may feel the need to ram their way into situations even more forcefully than usual. There may be concerns with their residence or vehicles.  And there can also be issues related to debt management and chronic health issues. They can do well with creative endeavors and their children may excel at this time.

Taurus ascendants also have their lord Venus debilitated until September 5.  As the planet of love, Venus loves harmony. The stubborn Taurus person can also work extra hard to find resolution to relationship issues, as the ruler of the 7th house of relationships (Mars) is also debilitated. They can be conflicts with children or problems for their kids at this time. Digestive issues and also present themselves due to over-indulgence.  It’s a beneficial time for educational pursuits.

Gemini ascendants can find their nervous system fried by wanting to pursue two projects simultaneously.  Conflicts with family may arise on various fronts. Their children can experience problems with their education. They may find themselves leaving home for short trips.   

Sensitive Cancer ascendants find themselves even more emotional than usual. With Mars debilitated in their ascendant, conflicting events create turbulence and upheaval for them.  There can be issues with debt, lawsuits, and the inability to follow healthy daily routines.  While they may be working as hard as usual, they don’t seem to achieve the same results. The partner may be overly focused on work.

Regal Leo ascendants shine at this time. Their intellect is illumined and they can shine brightly in the world. It’s a time that they can express themselves well creatively, especially with music or writing.  There can be conflicts with siblings.  They need to be mindful of expenses at this time, especially as they relate to property. 

Virgo ascendants can use this time to retreat and reflect. Otherwise, they may overtax their nervous system. Matters of the heart come to the forefront and it requires a great deal of effort to communicate effectively with their significant other.  It’s a time to watch finances and spend conservatively.

Libra ascendants must strive diligently to strike that sense of balance that they so desire.  They, too can benefit from taking a break from daily activities, instead of pushing themselves past their limits. There can be conflicts at work, especially with superiors. Friends can be strong allies at this time.

Scorpio ascendants face a tough trial with Saturn and Rahu in their 12th house. It’s a time of transition and house cleaning. They must let go of what is no longer useful in their lives.  As Scorpio’s ruler Mars is debilitated, they feel the extra tension and can find themselves frustrated from figuring out what path to pursue.  With their 7th lord Venus also debilitated, they may face conflicts with their significant other as well.  Beneficial career opportunities can present themselves if they can think rationally.

Sagittarius ascendants can be focused on relationships at this time, and must be careful not to be too idealistic with their expectations. They can do well with spiritual pursuits.  They have to be careful not to indulge in unnecessary extravagances and be mindful of accumulating debt.

Capricorn ascendants find themselves in a time of flux at work. It’s a time of big opportunities but they may be exhausted by the workload. There strive to find balance between home and work life. It’s a time to be mindful of conflicts with partners.  They can find themselves pursing various educational opportunities.

Aquarius ascendants find themselves re-evaluating their life’s calling. They must be careful regarding contracts and litigation. There can be digestive issues and it’s important to avoid acidic foods. They can form powerful partnerships at this time.

Pisces ascendants find themselves focusing on home life and educational opportunities.  It’s a beneficial time to pursue the study of ancient subject matters. They work extra hard with creative endeavors and on projects involving children.  They can find themselves handling chronic health issues at this time.

The above are some examples of how the planetary placements for August and September 2013 in Vedic astrology may manifest.  Experiences and outcomes are contingent on what is placed in your natal chart and your planetary cycles. An astrological reading can shed more insight into what is to come in the months ahead, so that you can plan accordingly.

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