Planetary Party in Taurus in Vedic Astrology

In my previous blog, I discussed the confluence of planets in Taurus in Vedic Astrology, or Jyotish.  I provided a broad overview of how this powerful planetary placement of Mercury, Venus, Sun, Jupiter, and Ketu all in one sign may manifest.

Each planet has its own agenda which it’s attempting to enforce. What it evokes individually depends on the planetary placements in your natal Vedic astrology chart, as well as the timing of your major planetary cycle (dasha) and your sub-cycle (bhukti).  In Vedic astrology, we experience a lifetime of planetary cycles which serve as the backdrop for our lives. The timing of these cycles is contingent on the placement of your Moon at birth, since Jyotish emphasizes lunar placements over solar placements.

To provide a flavor of how the lineup in Taurus is manifesting in people’s lives, I’ll present some instances of recent events.

One woman in a Mercury and Ketu cycle, who natally has Ketu in her house of career and Jupiter in Taurus, decided to slowly stick her neck back into teaching, after Jupiter and Mercury entered Taurus. She’s putting a great deal of effort into preparing for her event as well as publicizing it.

A person who has Taurus representing the fourth house of home life, and is in a Jupiter dasha, has become involved in a home-based business which involves nutritional products.  Taurus signifies the mouth and ingested items.  There have been stops and starts in the venture.

An individual in a Venus cycle who natally has Sun, Mercury, and Ketu influencing the ninth house of father, had a major disagreement with their father.  Taurus also signifies speech.  Mercury represents communication and Sun symbolizes the father.  These three planets together are considered as “natural malefics”, which usually produce unfavorable results.

A woman in her Jupiter dasha just flew overseas to visit her father. Taurus is also her ninth house and is influenced by Jupiter in her birth chart.  The ninth house signifies both foreign travel as well as the father.  Jupiter is considered to be a “natural benefic”, or a planet which produces favorable results, so the trip has been enjoyable.

A man in his Ketu dasha who has Venus influencing Taurus in his natal chart developed a painful toothache the day that he entered a Rahu sub-cycle, which also coincided the Sun entering Taurus.  Many astrologers consider Ketu  to be at its weakest point in Taurus.  Rahu indicates sudden events, which can often be unpleasant.  The Sun represents the teeth and Taurus signifies the mouth.

A woman who has Venus influencing her fifth house of children came for a Vedic astrology reading the discuss how she could best support her daughter.

Another woman in a Jupiter and Venus cycle with Venus and Moon in her fifth house has been visiting doctors to learn her chances of conception and also contemplating the option of adoption.  Jupiter is a significator of children in everyone’s charts.

These are just a few examples of the interplay of transits and planetary cycles in Vedic astrology. What have you noticed in your life?


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  • http://jill

    May 31, 2012 at 3:14 am

    That woman had a turtle cross her path yesterday. Nimitta?

    • http://Madhavi

      May 31, 2012 at 3:41 am

      Yes, it’s an omen. I asked my jyotish teacher once about an animal omen that I saw and he said it has the significance that we assign to that animal. So, depending on how the aforementioned woman in the article views turtles, she can draw an inference from that. Vishnu did once incarnate as a turtle!

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