The Night Before Christmas
Twas the night before Christmas and many were scurrying to and fro
Trying to figure out exactly where the year did go
There had been so much to do
How the year slipped by, they hadn’t a clue
Many a resolution had been made
Yet there were foundations for these which hadn’t been laid
Before another year slips by
There may still be some year end strategies for you to try
Go through the year, one month at a time
Reflect on what stands out, ranging from dismal to sublime
See what lesson you may have needed to learn
Remember for what it was that your heart did yearn
What virtues did you cultivate?
Did you take responsibility for your choices?
And realize that you are the master of your own fate?
Did you heed the guidance from the wise inner voices?
Take stock of where you stand in the here and now
Decide what affirmations for 2015 you will avow
Remember it’s not about being perfect every minute of each day
But in being steadfast when things don’t go your way
It’s staying the course
And not getting lost in regret or remorse
It’s in holding to your vision
Once you’ve made an important decision
Happy Christmas Eve!