Jupiter in Punarvasu Nakshatra

Citrine is one of the gemstones associated with Jupiter
Citrine is one of the gemstones associated with Jupiter

Those people who are in a Jupiter planetary cycle (dasha or bhukti) in Vedic Astrology, or Jyotish, can begin to wipe some of their tears dry.  Jupiter has just moved out of the arduous and transformational Ardra nakshatra (constellation) and into nurturing Punarvasu nakshatra. Jupiter in Punarvasu nakshatra heralds a relatively smoother time for those in a Jupiter dasha or bhukti.

There are 27 nakshatras or constellations in Vedic astrology. Each is connoted with their own symbolism, themes, deities, career interests, and health indications.  Of the 27 nakshatras, there are a few which are associated with more trials and tribulations than the others. One of those is Ardra nakshatra. The deity of Ardra is Rudra, the fierce form of Lord Shiva. Rudra is the God of the storms and removes anything which has outlived its usefulness in a virulent fashion.  The symbol of Ardra is a teardrop, as those who are ruled by Ardra nakshatra often experience themes which cause sadness, loss, and suffering.  Jupiter has been in Ardra since June 29, 2013. 

People in a Jupiter dasha or bhukti, and especially Cancer, Scorpio, and Capricorn ascendants, have faced situations which have created transformation and upheaval in their lives. Ardra is ruled by North node Rahu.  Rahu is known for sudden and unexpected events.  While we can not directly correlate nakshatra rulership to events, there are some similarities which can be drawn between Ardra and Rahu.  Both can create feelings of intensity and anxiety.

Punarvasu is ruled by Jupiter, the great benefic.  Jupiter is known as the Guru or the spiritual  teacher.  Punarvasu is associated with caregivers, as the ruling deity is Aditi, the universal mother. She grants abundance on all levels.  Humanitarians and philanthropists are also connoted with Punarvasu. Those in a Jupiter cycle may find themselves drawn to more philanthropic endeavors and be put in the mode of caregiver. Communities, clubs, and societies will take on added significance in their lives.

Jupiter in Punarvasu also relates to repetition and rituals and it’s a powerful time for becoming steeped in spiritual practices.  Punarvasu helps an individual utilize their spiritual knowledge and apply it to daily life.  One translation of Punarvasu is “another home”. There is the ability to be effective on many planes of existence. The symbol of Punarvasu is a bow and arrows.  This symbolism makes Punarvasu a very balanced nakshatra, as the arrows been returned to a quiver.  Thus, individuals ruled by Punarvasu enjoy staying close to home and being with their extended families. 

The symbol of the bow and arrow also relates to goals, just as the archer is one whose goal it is to strike its target.  Punarvasu nakshatra enables a person to achieve their goals, whether they be material, spiritual, etc.  Punarvasu emphasizes the steps involved to reach the goal. The goal itself is of secondary importance.

Punarvasu will also bring out the inventive side of those in its cycle. There is an association with the creation of new technology or being very proficient with electronic equipment. 

Jupiter in Punarvasu is also associated with musicians, especially those who play string instruments. Those in a Jupiter dasha or bhukti may feel the urge to engage in musical activities, particularly if they have a Saraswati yoga in their birth chart. They can also be gifted artisans.

As people with Jupiter in Punarvasu are drying their eyes, they can take relief in the fact that Punarvasu can bring the regaining or repetition of that which was lost.  Yet, this may not be permanent, as Jupiter turns retrograde on November 6, 2013 and then re-enters Ardra nakshatra on January 16, 2014. Jupiter comes out of retrogression on March 6, 2014.  Jupiter re-enters Punarvasu on April 24, 2014.  Jupiter remains in Gemini until June 18, 2014, and then it enters Cancer, its sign of exaltation, or greatest strength.  Punarvasu nakshatra spans both Gemini and Cancer. We will have Jupiter in Punarvasu until July 4, 2014.

With all charts, we need to look at the complete picture of what is happening by transit and also what the natal placements are.  Some intense planetary placements for the other planets continue for September and October 2013.  You can read about them on the previous blog.  A personalized astrology reading will shed light onto what to expect in the coming months.