HAPPY 2012!


Happy 2012! What we do at the beginning of an event has a large part in determining the outcome.  As a teacher of mine often says, “Good start, good finish.”

For example, if you leave late for a meeting, then you’re likely to arrive late.  If you don’t plan properly for an event, then you things may not go as you’d anticipated or you may have to scurry to attend to details at the last minute.

As the new year dawns, we can set a new tone and tenor for the year. Regardless of what has or has not happened over the last year(s), we can make a fresh start. There are resolutions we can set for 2012.

We can begin by establishing healthier habits in the new year. We can set a regular schedule for ourselves and put it in our PDA/calendar/ date book.

We can be more conscious with our eating habits and what we shop for. We can read the labels more carefully and avoid bring sweets, junk food, and processed foods into the home.  We can do away with the microwave and start using the stove again. We can put going to the gym or the yoga class on our weekly schedule.

Take some time for yourself and put that on your calendar. Time when you can sit alone and meditate, contemplate, journal and reflect. Make time for rejuvenation. Schedule a massage every week, two weeks, or at least every month. Go to your chiropractor or acupuncturist or other your complimentary health practitioner.

Schedule some time to get together with those friends who sent you a holiday card but whom you haven’t seen in ages.  Start your gratitude journal and write in it daily or at least weekly. Reflect on the lessons you’ve learned over the past year and how you can use this information to assist you in the coming year. Let go and don’t hold on to what is not serving you.

Cultivate relationships with uplifting, positive, prosperous people. Are people who drain your energy worth holding on to just because you’ve known each other forever? Monitor your thoughts more carefully and see if you can let go of the negative stuff. Don’t get caught in the judgment aspect of all this.

Watch “The Secret” or “I am” or similar movies again and get clear on what you desire to create in the coming year and begin the process of making it a reality. Do not focus on the material aspects of the movie or believe that just thinking will make it so. Put your plans into action. Engage in what is for the highest good of all.

Do not put any energy into the 2012 predictions nonsense that is circulating in the media. It is based only on fear, not on actuality. This hype does provide the opportunity for us to re-think and re-shape our lives. If  it actually was the last year of our lives, how would we want to live it? At the end of 2012, when we are here again, how will we view the year?

Be vigilant with your time and don’t let the unhealthy distractions deter you from what’s important. Do a periodic check in with yourself and with a buddy in this process.

See what gifts the process can bring and what lessons are revealed.  Make adjustments in your journey as necessary, that will be beneficial for you and for others. Have a happy 2012!