Ganesha Yajna 2015

By Vedamurti Vivekshastri Godbole

Aganesha-hindu-lord-sitted-on-lotus-image-184947t present, Mother Earth is not happy.  She is restless. If we review what has transpired so far in 2015, we will recollect undesirable major events.  In the month of May, there was a big, shocking earthquake in Nepal.  In many places in the world there is no rain, and these areas may be suffering from a drought.  In other places, there are heavy rains and floods.  In some parts of the world, there is a daily massacre happening.  By taking the name of their religion, thousands of innocent people have been killed.  An unbearable migration of people is happening daily.

At the same time, the world’s financial situation is going through serious up and downs. Nowadays, when a single country has financial uncertainty, it impacts the entire world like a disease which is spreading.  Because of that, in each and every job sector, people have fear and restlessness. For the past month, many people have had insomnia.  Many have gone into a terrible depression. In the medical field, many new diseases are troubling people everywhere (i.e. swine flu, ebola, etc.), even in the developed, advanced countries. Many serious cancers are spreading.  Multiple people are having kidney and knee transplants.  Bone related problems and blood related issues are increasing.  We never question why this is happening so much in the last few years.  Mother Earth is not happy.  She is upset with human beings.  Although she is very compassionate, the present situation has surpassed acceptable limits.

imagesAll of our epic stories, the 18 Puranas, teach us that this type of situation happened many, many years before and it keeps happening again and again. If you have read the Ramayana, the Maha Bharata, the Bhagavad Gita, and other epics, you will know about this.  Not only the Indian epic stories, but all ancient epics worldwide tell the same tale.  When this type of situation comes, our forefathers, our ancient sages and saints, suggested that we perform a yajna and surrender to lord Ganesha.  This is because out of all five elements, the earth element is belongs to lord Ganesha. Thus, we must pray to lord Ganesha.  We must worship him and  please him by performing very beneficial activities. Lord Ganesha will become happy through a Ganesha Yajna.  He will bestow his grace upon us when he commands all the other elements to help Mother Earth. Everything will start to move smoothly once again. All of nature will be happy. Once again, we will hear the proper singing of the birds.  All creatures will become happy. They will enjoy their lives.  And then humans will become happy.  Those who believe in God  must repeat Ganesha’s name.

Fortunately the Ganesha Festival is commencing on 17th of September.  Every year, many people from all over the world celebrate the Ganesha Festival. We all must repeat his name (Gum Ganapataye Namah) as often as possible. Chant this mantra at least 21 times in the morning and 21 times in the evening.

This year, we are going to perform a Ganesha Yajna in the Vedshala in Satara, India, on the  21st of September.  Those who may wish to participate remotely are welcome to do so.  Please send us an email to VVISHWAJIT@GMAIL.COM . We will  provide you with you further details regarding dakshina and payment details.