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Health benefits of amalaki

Ayurveda classifies seasons as having an affinity to certain doshas.  As summer approaches, it is common for Pitta dosha to become imbalanced and cause overheating and inflammatory disorders.  Amalaki is a primary herb used to pacify Pitta dosha.  There are multiple health benefits of amalaki in Ayurveda.  Commonly known in India as amla, its botanical […]

Sour Taste in Ayurveda

The amla rasa or sour taste in Ayurveda is one of the shad rasa or six tastes. Sour decreases Vata dosha and increases Pitta and Kapha doshas. Sour is comprised of the earth and fire elements. The sour taste in Ayurveda kindles the agni or the digestive fire by stimulating acid secretions and increasing circulation. […]