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Retrograde planets abound!

We’re currently in the midst of Mercury retrograde and everyone is all too familiar with that regular astronomical phenomenon. However, other planets also turn retrograde.  Retrograde planets abound in the next few months! Jupiter is currently retrograde in Libra.  In addition, Saturn retrograde commences on April 17.  The Vedic astrology view on retrograde planets is that they […]

Ram Navami 2018

Ram Navami 2018

If you’ve ever traveled throughout India, you’ve undoubtedly seen temples to various deities in both large cities and the smallest villages. There are hundreds of Hindu gods, each of whom embodies certain divine attributes.  One of the most beloved gods in the Hindu pantheon is Lord Rama. He is also affectionately known as Shri Rama […]

Top five astrological tips for success in 2018

We recently bid farewell to 2017.  The majority of people whom I’ve encountered both professionally and personally have reiterated that 2017 was quite a difficult year. They weren’t prepared for all the upheaval that presented itself – personal conflicts, natural disasters, loss, and political chaos. Now that we have welcomed 2018, many are wondering how to […]

Ninth night of Navratri: Maha Navami

This is the ninth night of Navratri 2017.  Navratri is the nine night festival honoring the many forms which the goddess Durga has taken.  Thus, the goddesses are known as NavaDurga (nine Durgas).  Each goddess represents particular virtues and attributes which we can embrace.  The women in the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra wear saris […]